Belief… or Superstition?

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer; superstition ain’t the way.”

Stevie Wonder.

Superstitions are unquestioned beliefs: ideas we accept as true without knowing where they come from. Any ‘belief’ that we don’t connect with wholeheartedly is worth questioning as it may not support who we really are. It might be someone else’s belief that really has no personal meaning or worth to us. If it makes us feel bad, then it’s usually because it’s not our true belief.

If a belief is inspirational it makes us grow: inspirational beliefs benefit many people, not just one. An inspirational belief connects us with our individual purpose, the heart of who we are. It feels loving, expansive and generous and we can do wonders with it.

If a belief is confining, it can be self-limiting or even make us feel bad. Likewise, limiting or negative beliefs affect many people, not just one, causing potentially one and then countless people to feel bad, less than who they truly are and weakened. Limiting beliefs stem from a disconnection from our heart centre. They can literally give us heart-ache and we feel hurt when we think about them.

A belief that limits us is one we have never questioned or that we have assumed is correct because to say otherwise might go against the grain of our group. We must occasionally be brave enough to stand up for our true beliefs: what makes our heart sing.

Then others might feel that they can do it too: we are all individuals with different things that make our hearts beat louder and stronger.

So why don’t we do more about it?

Because unquestioned negative beliefs are silent: we don’t know they are there. The only way to know is in the results of your life: just look at what you consciously say you want, versus what you actually have. The difference between the two represents the power of your unconscious to hold you back from where you want to be.

We are driven by our feelings and our feelings are made up of hundreds of thoughts associated together – some good, some not so good. So when we say we want to get a better job, or move to a different town or change our relationship, we really do want to, but the worrying feeling underneath is always capable of stopping us from doing anything about it. It has the final say.

Of course, not all unconscous thoughts are negative, and sometimes we hold ourselves back for very good reasons, but it’s worth finding out why that is too. These positive reasons can show us our deepest, most dearly-held values.

Becoming conscious of unconscious thoughts is the only way to really know yourself, to get back to your heart, your true self.

There are loads of ways to do this: the more challenging (perhaps more satisfying?? – but longer) is to meditate each day, preferably morning, noon and night, and each time you find yourself thinking a thought, ‘step back’ to look at what it is, without judging yourself. Just see which thoughts come up and perhaps afterwards make a note of them. Then you can find out what you are telling yourself on a daily basis. Which thoughts are ok with you and which not?

The easier, quicker way is to work with a hypnotherapist or a theta practitioner or anyone else trained to shed light on what has long been in the dark. Theta Healing practitioners are trained (using the technique of kinesiology) to help people quickly and easily discover the unconscious thoughts that may be holding sway. It can be entertaining – or sometimes quite incredible – to find out what you are really thinking. Doing both ways yields the fastest results.

Of course the point of unconscious thoughts is that they are unconscious, so you don’t know what they are until you find out: (you often believe you have thought the opposite )and then there is a moment of relief too, because there is an instant recognition of why things keep turning out the way they do up (until now)

Superstitions are not just old wives tales- they can be the reality of our lives unless we decide to change them.

If you would like to know more about theta healing or book a session, please go to or learn how to do it for yourself (or your family )at

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