October New Moon in Libra

Hello again. After a little Summer break, many friends of Coaching Your Feelings have asked for more New Moon blogs so here goes with the October 5th New Moon at 11 degrees of Libra ❤ ……..a little late, but a good time to resume as there’s currently a lot ‘happening’ in the sky: a powerful configuration was formed by the Sun and New Moon in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn which currently form a so-called ‘grand cross’ in the heavens……….

 dark star astrology

…so what exactly does that mean to us on planet Earth? Squares and oppositions are formations that can reflect stress, tension and challenge. Arguments and conflict may spring up as opposing viewpoints jostle for recognition and understanding. As the New Moon begins a cycle of Libra relationship or partnership themes, this month brings a time to look at both sides of a situation, attempt true compromise, review love connections and decide what works and what  may need to end. It’s also a good time to affirm how you want to feel in relation to important people and situations in your life.

Wishing on the New Moon is a way of reframing the past (the old Moon). A new thought-idea that generates a good feeling can actively replace feelings of anxiety, doubt, fear or limitation of any kind. You can make affirmations anytime, but making them at the New Moon is the most potent time because Nature’s own cycle of new growth helps.

beauty in balance dot net

Observing nature, we learn the cycles of life from birth to maturity, decay, death and rebirth. A newbie to gardening may have to find out the hard way that sowing seeds in Winter won’t work, – the ground’s too hard and cold – it’s not a hospitable or fertile environment for germination: similarly, affirmations made after the Full Moon (the waning or autumn/winter phase) when nature moves from an active cycle to a more receptive, passive one, are less likely to ‘take root’. This phase is for ‘pruning back’, considering and reflecting rather than making decisions, and releasing or eliminating what’s no longer needed.  Any time leading up to the full Moon, (but especially the first 48 hours after the New Moon) is the growth period and a good time for creations of any kind, including affirmations, wishes and turning over new leafs.

So to help you be prepared as this month’s configurations begin to take shape, here are a few pointers:

  • The Moon helps you to connect with the feeling you don’t want and to select the one you do, through the power of imagination. Imagination can be your friend or your foe – you decide which.
  • Clarify what you want to achieve. For example, say you’re having a problem with a particular relationship and even thinking of this person currently brings up feelings of anger ( if it’s sadness, guilt, anxiety or some other less than happy emotion, work with that instead). In this example, feeling angry is your true feeling, so there’s no point in trying to push it down. Instead, accept that the anger is yours and yours alone: no-one can make you angry unless you allow it. You don’t need to know the origin of the angry feelings or bring up any uncomfortable memories, you only to need to accept that you feel that way now
  • Ask questions –such as, ‘How can I dissolve my feelings of anger?’ Just saying these words alone is enough for your subconscious to feel acknowledged and recognised .Your subconscious mind (the Moon) works quickly to find the right answer and way for you to dissolve the negative feeling, just keep asking the question until you arrive at a more peaceful place
  • Imagine, visualise, hear and fully engage emotionally with whatever you want to feel instead of (anger). Write it down, choose short, succinct, easy-to-remember phrases and maybe even make them rhyme or make them into a tune! In the above example, it might be along the lines of: I choose to be calm and happy. I see myself calm in the presence of…….. No-one else’s behaviour can affect my right to be calm. Someone else’s anger belongs to him/her and I can choose to let them keep it!
  • Beware of any negative thought- feelings that pop up making you doubt  your affirmations will work. Try not to react to them – they’re just old habits. Dissolve them not with irritation, (as they’ll only fight back if they feel criticised or attacked), but with gratitude for trying to help you deal with difficulty. Then override them with your new positive-feeling phrases.
  • Visualise (imagine) yourself the way you want to be as often as possible, allowing the image you create to expand and become clearer. Engage as many senses as possible in your visualisation: hear the words you might be saying or that someone is saying to you; see the facial expressions; sense and create the ideal scene you want to create. Doing this gets your brain to believe the new state of being is already happening.
  • Build faith in your ability to create positively by practicing your affirmations or wishes often. Begin with small things if you find it difficult to believe this Law of Attraction stuff works!  Dwell in the good feelings your well-chosen words bring into your body. A notebook kept just for this purpose can help you log your own evidence of success. Experiment, remembering that behind every goal or ambition is simply the desire to feel happy.
  • Being happy, being in a state or ‘vibration’ of happiness is what attracts every other good thing into your life.  You are a walking magnet! We’re always trying to connect with our happiest states as this is what’s closest to our Source. When you’re ‘being’ sad or any state other than happiness, ask yourself what you’re ‘Being’ (attracting) in that moment. Transform a negative state quickest with a good laugh, saying words that make you feel nurtured, watching a light-hearted DVD or finding something else to smile about in order to change your ‘vibration’ up.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Nothing ‘upvibes’ you faster than finding things to be glad about. What are your blessings big and small? Feeling glad =feeling happy, so this gets you magnetising your best scenarios and relationship circumstances quickly.

 What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!

Have a good month ahead,


images courtesy of darkstar astrology.com; beauty in balance.net; social consciousness.com

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