The New Moon Law of Attraction

If you’ve read books like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’, you might have given the Law of Attraction a go. You might have had a few successes and then given up with frustration! (In the unlikely event you’ve never heard of it, the Law of Attraction is just one of countless spiritual laws, but the only one that’s gone viral due to the promise of ‘having it all’).  It could be because we’re often tense about and therefore resistant to success in the areas of life we most want them that we unintentionally push what we truly desire away.

Have you noticed how it’s quite easy to ‘manifest’ anything that doesn’t matter too much – a parking space, a friend ringing two minutes after he/she came into our mind, or hearing the answer to a pressing but unimportant question on the car radio? It’s precisely because we have no attachment to how or when we’ll receive that particular thing that we offer up no resistance and ‘receive’ or magnetise it almost immediately. We don’t really need it, but we get it anyway. Hey ho, God’s little joke is that the more we want something, the less likely we are to get it: when we really want something, we obsess, we worry, we doubt, we over-think, we try to take control, and all that emotional tension pushes away the very thing we so badly want!

Letting go of outcomes can be the most challenging aspect of consciously creating, but the coming new moon offers a new opportunity to relax and trust.

This Aries New Moon occurs at 9.36am GMT on Wednesday April 10th 2013.

April 22013 046

Aries is ruled by dynamic Mars. Its energy is beautiful – warm, loving, fast-moving and full of trust in nature for the coming solar year.

Trust in yourself in the coming days to know what it is you need to ask for from yourself.

As always with creating affirmations, first write them down and then state them out loud within 48 hours of the new moon. Writing your words brings them out of the darkness of your subconscious and into the light of your awareness.

This month, trust that even if you don’t affirm for anything specific, you can still find yourself receiving exactly what you want. In ‘Miracles Happen with One Good Thought’, Mike England suggests making affirmations as general and vague as possible.

‘Do not try to attract a particular thing – it places too much pressure on you and instantly pushes it away. Think thoughts that make you feel good, irrespective of whether they are about things you want. Think of what makes you feel happy and at ease. When you forget what you’re trying to attract, you surrender to the universe and allow your thoughts to roam free, finding their right place’

Here’s Mike’s wonderful advice in a nutshell:

           1  Find a place to be quiet for around ten minutes each day.

The aim is to become relaxed as this enables you to access your creative imagination easily. Breathe deeply and effortlessly, close your eyes and allow any tension in your body to be released. Relax into a state that’s receptive to your own creative suggestions.

relaxed         2 Make affirmations that begin with ‘I enjoy’, ‘It’s great to..’ ‘I love…’ ‘I really like it when….’: This takes your mind off physical-attraction and onto thought-attraction’

         3  Make very general suggestions to yourself that simply allow you to feel good inside.

Mike England makes the following great suggestions, but you can make your own up if you prefer:

For health:‘I enjoy feeling healthy. I enjoy feeling energised. I enjoy feeling good.’

For money: Rather than ‘Money is increasing in my life every day’ which the creative self may have an obstructive belief about, you could say: ‘Something wonderful is happening in my life right now’ – this could mean anything good and is a more expansive playing field for the creative self to believe in

  •        4    Allow your words to make you feel carefree.

‘There is plenty of money everywhere. Money is flowing everywhere all the time.’ When used in a carefree way it brings massive amounts of wealth because you’re focused on plenty of money. Beliefs create things and you can change yours right now.

‘My thoughts are free. I am free, and I can choose the life I want.’

For Love:‘I enjoy thinking about being in love just because it feels good’. Use this, or anything else that brings forth positive emotion. Find a way to focus on love and feel good. Don’t be specific, feel at ease with whatever you’re saying.

For Anxiety: ‘I enjoy the thought of releasing all fears from my experience’

‘I enjoy feeling the freedom of my own thoughts. I can choose to think anything that I want. I choose thoughts that free me, that feel good, that empower me

        5  Create a way of ‘answering’ any negativity or resistance that comes up within you during the day.

You could use Ho’Oponopono at these points and simply acknowledge any resistant thoughts by mentally saying Thank you and I love You. Or you could say, ‘It’s all sorted now; my subconscious mind has taken care of everything. It’s all in hand. I trust that all is well

        6    Be Vague – the Vaguer the Better, as long as it feels good!

As you use the affirmations more and more and satisfying things are beginning to happen in every area of your life, you will begin to magnetise good things in every area of a similar high frequency.

          7      Stop ‘TRYING’

Re-tune yourself inwardly to the feeling of effortlessness and enjoyment when the feeling of ‘trying’ pops up. As you do this for a few days you will feel more relaxed. Once this happens, it allows answers to arrive for you. If you TRY, it won’t work. Your creative self  or subconscious mind gives you an exact match energetically of what you put in. If you feel you always have to ‘look’ for something, you’ll continue to attract the energy of ‘seeking’ – magnetising more and ways of seeking but no satisfactory new states of being.

           8     Care more about being happy than getting what you want.

Do not try to attract a particular thing – it places too much pressure on you and instantly pushes it away. Think thoughts that make you feel good, irrespective of whether they are about things you want. Think of what makes you feel happy and at ease. When you forget what you’re trying to attract, you surrender to the universe and allow your thoughts to roam free, finding their right place.

Wishing you effortless success!


1)        New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller

2)        Miracles Happen with One Good Thought, Mike England,


2 thoughts on “The New Moon Law of Attraction

  1. Focault

    What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:
    But if you are a hard die believer in LoA, affected by cognitive bias, then please refuse to believe in science. For instance refuse to believe that your personal computer was built by using science knowledge, refuse to believe in Newton gravity law, refuse to believe in scientific evidence in general. Program your brain with positive thinking like a robot. Don’t accept your feelings as they are. Don’t love yourself as you are. Throw your life experience and your own judgment into the trash. Never desire to save your emotions.

    1. vickycoombes

      Thanks for this, I read the links with interest.The LOA is controversial I agree, and some of the literature may be misleading but equally some people have enjoyed a great deal of success with it. As a coach, I look for tools that can genuinely help people and attempt to share what I can that seems relevant to that cause.

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