Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want…

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the Moon. Even if you don’t believe in magic, there’s a special other-worldly-something available any time we catch a glimpse of the luminous glow that changes shape each night. Whether hanging Full in a clear, still night with diamond stars, appearing and disappearing as a Crescent on a wind-blown stormy night or hiding, invisible at the dark of the Moon, she evokes and reflects all our feelings and emotions, good or bad alike.


The Moon’s phases connect us with the other-worldliness of the subconscious mind, which takes an idea and plays it around in the imagination to create infinite scenarios.

There is an ancient idea that has come of its time in today’s science :consciousness is divided into three parts and together those parts form an integrated whole. Religion and mysticism allude to the Holy Trinity, psychology refers to the subconscious, conscious and unconscious Minds and science is now aware of the ‘Triune’ or three-part brain’ – the ancient, ‘reptilian’ brain that is hard-wired to protect, giving us the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instinct; the limbic or emotional brain which is governed by the heart urging us to form connections; and the cerebral cortex, the most recently evolved part of the brain that enables intelligent, rational decision-making.

Whatever you call it, however you think of it, it’s the same understanding that there are three parts of us that need to work together to evolve successfully.

When we succeed there has been a simple and powerful interplay between those three parts of us. Where there is no resistance from the subconscious mind: no fear, doubt or lack of confidence, we are easily able to ‘manifest’ the results we want.  We get a conscious desire to be, have, or do something and then the subconscious mind gathers information, generates ideas and alerts us to the possible dangers of having what we want. From here, the conscious mind can decide how to proceed – which possibilities seem most viable.

A feeling of confidence gives us the signal that we’re ready to go ahead.

The ideas that we stick with are compelling and we can’t leave them alone, we’re driven by purpose and passion to realise them. We resonate with these ideas because they have meaning for us personally, based on our vision of what our life should be like. We think about our vision a lot, daydreaming and giving it attention and feeling. It inspires us, filling us with anticipation and excitement. It’s the seeds of desire we plant in the subconscious, and the amount of emotional fuel we give to our vision that galvanises the unconscious to bring our idea into form.

Where we lack confidence, (usually because we are trying to succeed in an area of life that has previously been disappointing), we may have developed beliefs that we can’t succeed. There is a breakdown in communications somewhere in the inner triad!

The problem we often experience is because the unconscious’ building’ behind the scenes is invisible. Faith is needed at this point. If our vision isn’t strong enough or if there are doubts about achieving our goal, the emotions and feelings we attach to the goal lose power and the unconscious or ‘superconscious’ mind can’t be galvanised into action.

Steve Kirton writes in ‘Ancient Secrets of The Mind: Unlock The Full Power of Your Unconscious Mind:

‘The subconscious works like a team of designers processing information and offering ideas, the conscious mind is the architect organising those insights into a workable system, the unconscious is the engineer that builds that vision into reality’.

(This is a fantastic book if you want down-to-earth and practical information about how the Law of Attraction!).

At this Scorpio New Moon of November 3rd  11.50pm GMT there is also a Solar Eclipse, when astrologically the Moon’s power takes precedence over that of the Sun. What that means is that feelings and emotions are demanding attention now: logical day-to-day stuff may need to take a back seat until you work out what’s bugging you and how you can align yourself with more personal truth. Whatever needs to come to the surface now has an opportunity to come into conscious awareness.

Scorpio time – Autumn-  is one of remembering, releasing, eliminating and paring back.

So use this New Moon to reflect on what’s truly important in your life. What do you want, do you really really want? What kind of people, relationships, home, belongings and experiences do you really want in your life and what do you definitely NOT want!? Don’t be lured by what everyone else wants, or what others want you to want.

tell me what you want

In goal-setting the hardest part is often deciding what you want. If that’s the case, think about what you definitely DON’T want and then write down the opposite as a goal. Think about what excites, inspires or galvanises you into action. Think about the feelings you want to have more of in your life and give your attention to them. Allow them to grow with the help of your own inner architect and your inner team of designers, but remember that without the patience and focus you need to allow your inner ‘builder’ to finish the project, the results you want can’t happen.

There are three of you in there: a ‘holy family’ of your conscious decision-making self, your imaginative, visionary and protective subconscious, and your magical inner genie, the unconscious, so you’re wired rather ingeniously to achieve everything you dream of for yourself and more.

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse, align yourself with everything you love and value to reignite your life with the passion you need for your vision of success.

I wanna really really really wanna ziga zig ha!

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