Are You Working on Purpose?

Without exception, every single one of my coaching and theta healing clients is passionate about trying to offer the best possible works/skills/service they can to their own customers/students or clients. Whatever problem may be presenting itself on the surface when someone comes for coaching or theta healing, there is often some need or desire to more fully express all that one can contribute.

Sometimes that can happen because of the complications of a job or career change, but often it’s just a failure to connect with purpose and personal meaning.

I believe that purpose is central not just to work but to every part of life and has to do with our deeply- held values as well as strengths, talents and motivations. We are individually built to succeed at what we do best and our talents, skills and aptitudes give us big clues as to what we are here to do, but we need a motive, a target as well as a bank of skills.

If we don’t have purpose, our work and actions seem to lack meaning: there is no enthusiasm joy or inspiration and so how then can we transfer the energy, enthusiasm and value of our work to anyone else?


According to Annemarie Postma in ‘The Deeper Secret’ :

‘People who are connected to their life’s work are easy to recognise. Their eyes shine because they are lit from within; their lives glow with enthusiasm and significance. Their connection with their life’s work gives them the power and the trust to get through difficult times and they are good at discerning what’s right for them and what is not…’

Sometimes we mistake purpose and meaning for a job description: but what we do (our job title) has less to do with purpose and contribution than our energetic intention. For example, we don’t have to leave our job as a personal assistant and retrain as a lawyer in order to express a passionate desire and motivation to get justice for people. Instead we could connect with our own innate sense of fairness and justice and become a light for those qualities in our current work and family life.

It’s the intention behind the energy that matters and the universe responds to it by bringing us more of the problems and quandaries that we are naturally good at helping to resolve and dissolve.

Purpose is not always linked to position or pay but always to received value, but it can help if your ‘shop-front’ is the same as your interior motivation – people know what they are getting and your message and means of delivering value and help to others gets even clearer. smiley

So if you are currently lacking a sense of purpose, how do you find it again? Some people need to be stimulated by new ideas, so talking to a trusted friend or family member who knows you well can give you a new perspective on yourself and what you have to offer.

Keeping a journal for a few days or weeks to make a note of what’s happening helps you to build up a picture of events, conversations, ‘coincidences’ or dreams that seem significant. Asking yourself the question ‘What is it I am here to do’ sets the subconscious search engine off on a journey of discovery and it will easily find the answers you are looking for if you relax and become open to receiving its messages.

Your subconscious knows everything about you already and constantly tries to communicate with you through dream symbols or by leading you to be in the right place at the right time to receive a message. All you have to do is to be open and remember you have asked a question of yourself so be ready to receive the answer!

The personal development guru Steve Pavlina also has a great tip for finding purpose, which is to sit with a blank sheet of paper and start listing all the possible things that give your life meaning. Stop when you get to the one that makes you cry – this will be part of your true purpose! Steve reckons that the longer it takes to get to this point the further you currently are from living with the passion, drive and purpose you want.

Sometimes life events and periods of change can temporarily leave us depleted and lacking in our usual enthusiasm. This passes in time but if you find yourself feeling chronically stressed or ‘down’, consider having some coaching or healing to help restore natural clarity and sense of purpose and direction.

One thought on “Are You Working on Purpose?

  1. Sarah Reide

    Thanks for this post Vicky, it really helped me a lot in terms of what direction I want to go in my life both mentally and career wise, I will look forward to more posts soon! Sarah

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