Together at the Aquarius New Moon

‘Together’ you can do anything!

The New Moon on January 30th is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, planet of vision, progress and revolution. The theme of Aquarius is progress, so now is a good time to make effective changes. This new moon happens to be the second in the month of January, (a so-called Black Moon), and that means there’s a second chance to make new-year resolutions.

Aquarius-time is the season of inventiveness and originality: we’re now well and truly shifted into the Aquarian Age too:continually  bombarded and surrounded by new information, so we need neater, more concise ways to pass information to the subconscious.

Bearing in mind that we’re constantly creating everything in our personal world with thoughts, words and actions –( just not always with conscious intention), the idea behind an affirmation is to consciously create an empowering thought-feeling that’s interpreted and faithfully created in the outer world by the all-powerful subconscious mind.

The key to creating and affirming what we want is to bring the feeling of it into our experience as if it’s already happening. Feelings and images are the language of the subconscious and how it ‘listens’ to us. We achieve this by ‘acting as if…’ the thing we want is already in our lives.

But often we can lose the feeling of the thing we want in an overly complex affirmation which can be open to multiple interpretations by the subconscious. So using words that can bypass ‘interpretation’ and instead immediately ‘switch on’ specific states is one way around this.

Switchwords are the ‘invention’ of maverick advertising executive, author and family man James T Mangan (1896-1970). During his lifetime, James experimented with particular word-forms that helped him to create ‘perfect’ results in his life for himself and others. His book ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ is now a classic. I found out about it from author Alex Daniel’s amazing must –read series of books (see below for details) and was intrigued.

secret of perfect living

The idea is to use words as conscious ‘commands’ to the subconscious for specific needs. If you don’t like the idea of ‘commands’ then try ‘suggestions’. You can make up your own switchwords, for example, saying the name of someone you truly admire ‘switches on’ their qualities in you the way you perceive them, for example saying the command: ‘Nelson Mandela’ could switch on the mindset of  leadership qualities for you, or ‘Dawn French’ if you want to be lighthearted or funny. Switchwords are power words – they switch the subconscious into specific states giving you immediate access to empowering states. Through forty years of trial and experience, James discovered a vocabulary of words that ‘switch’ on specific states in the subconscious that can be applied universally.

Alex Daniel says ‘Switchwords are a great tool …..when you want to adjust your vibrational state quickly. They are a one-word shortcut to the subconscious, and cause the appropriate feeling to be triggered by the brain in response to the word’

Try out a few from the list below and use them as power tools to ramp up and amplify specific intentions.

The theory behind all switchwords is to cause the conscious mind to unite with the subconscious: the idea is to ‘bless’ your subconscious Self with love and consideration instead of cursing it with impatience, judgment and criticism.

In speaking to ourselves with kindness and loving words, we find cooperation from the hidden part of our Self that does everything for us.

In ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ Mangan asks: ‘Are There Two ‘You’s’? Certainly there are two ‘you’s’! Though they both belong to the single you – the dignified capable person that sanity insists is but one individual, there are definitely two sides of you that are seemingly condemned to wage perpetual war on each other.’

In this spirit, the first word that Mangan discovered is ‘Together’. He used this word continually for one week to create ‘perfection’ in his life. ‘Together’ switches on a unification of the conscious and subconscious minds so that things work better. Together is a so-called master switchword as it can be applied to almost any situation to make things work better. Simply say the word ‘Together’ as little or as often as you like and see how it works for you.

He describes the ‘Alphonse and Gaston’ technique for Producing Togetherness – a little on the quaint side now perhaps but the meaning is still fresh: ‘Liken your relationship between conscious and subconscious to the two famous characters, Alphonse and Gaston. These two Frenchmen are eternally polite, each always putting himself in the second place, insisting: ‘After you, my dear Alphonse,’ and being answered: ‘No, you come first my dear Gaston’. You will find that as you act magnanimously toward your subconscious self, the Sub-You will jump to outstrip that very magnificence in its show of cooperation with the conscious.’

The idea is similar to that of cooperating with the Inner Child or of blessing yourself with love as in Ho’Oponopono with ‘I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank You.’


Switchwords can be used alone or in combinations of your own creation. A complete list can be found online at

But here are some to whet your appetite:

BE: A powerful switchword to help you achieve good health and inner peace

BLUFF: to get rid of nervousness, worry, tension or anxiety or to help you have pleasant dreams

CANCEL: to eliminate images you don’t want from your mind, negative thoughts or unwanted conditions, or to dispel worry.

CARE: to help you memorise anything you need to remember.

CHANGE: to help you get rid of emotional and physical pain

CHARM: to help you manifest your heart’s desire.

CIRCULATE: to help end loneliness and feel at ease around people

COUNT: to help you make money and to help reduce or stop smoking

CRISP: to dispel tiredness, feel revitalized

CRYSTAL: to clarify any situation, to see the way ahead clearly

CURVE: to create beauty, make beautiful, enhance creativity

DEDICATE: to help you stop clinging to a person or situation

DEWDROP: to calm down when angry of afraid

DIVINE: to help you work miracles or achieve the extraordinary, increase personal ability

DO: eliminates procrastination

FIND: helps you build a fortune (use with COUNT) as in FIND-COUNT or COUNT-FIND

GIVE: to sell something and to help others

HO: to help you relax (say with an outward sighing breath)

LOVE: helps generate, radiate and experience love of all kinds

ON: a powerful word to help you get new ideas, and to find transportation when you need it

OVER: to help ease frustration

REACH: to find mislaid objects, recall forgotten ideas

THANKS: to increase gratitude and release guilt

TOGETHER: to get things together, to become single-minded when you need to be, to act as one with your Self

For a complete list please see Switchword Miracles by Doron Alon or any of Alex Daniel’s books which have switchword lists and how to use them in the Appendix.

Ten Quantum Tools to Change Your World, Alex Daniel

Quantum Zero: Living a Life of Perpetual Prayer, Alex Daniel

Switchword Miracles, Doron Alon

The Secret of Perfect Living, James T Mangan

Image of ‘love makes the world go round’ and

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