How to Self- Heal with Ho’Oponopono

Between the full and the next new moon is the time of letting go, cutting away, releasing and reflection. The moon is waning and her influence gradually weakens. Now is not the time for planting new ideas but contemplating what has been achieved in the previous few weeks and reflecting on what can be allowed to go. Without an empty space we cannot allow anything new to take root or blossom.

The Ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’Oponopono is a simple and transformational healing method that lends itself  to a time of letting go, (but practicing it all the time by anyone who is trying to self-heal is even better!)

Ho’Oponopono means ‘to make right’ or ‘to rectify an error’.

The Ancients believed that making ourselves right with the people in our life leads to inner peace and happiness.

It’s effective and will bring results for anyone but can be especially helpful as well if you have suffered any anxiety, fear or panic in your life. These debilitating reactions can happen to anyone when there has been a traumatic event and subsequent dissociation (or inner ‘running away’).  Eventually life brings us back to ‘reality’ and the mind, overloaded with difficult memories becomes flooded with flight or fight hormones that can rattle our equilibrium. The subconscious, which holds all our ego-programmed (self-protective) memories, keeps taking us back to parts of the past we no longer want or need.

With Ho’Oponopono you don’t have to relive any events. It does the work for you. It may sound too good to be true, but if you give it a really good go, you will find it truly brings results in line with what’s right for you, whether for abundance, peace of mind, better health or improvements in relationships.

Our part is just to get into the habit of ‘cleaning’ – mentally saying a few phrases, even when nothing seems to be happening. Clean for anything and everything. In time this practice naturally raises your vibe, allowing the things that are right for you in your life to happen effortlessly. Nothing needs to be forced: no visualisations, affirmations or goals, just letting go of whatever’s there in the assumption that as humans we cannot know what’s best for us.

 Ho’Oponopono in a nutshell:

  • We are always just working with ourselves. It’s a seeming paradox that working with ourselves heals not just us but anyone else in our personal world at the same time.
  • Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len, the greatest living teacher of Ho’Oponopono, famously healed an entire ward of patients with severe criminal mental disorders without actually interacting personally with any of them: he just healed them by reading through their case notes whilst taking responsibility and saying the Ho’Opononpono prayer.
  • It’s a stand-alone system that does not interfere or disagree with any other system of belief.
  • It is not a religion or a replacement for any existing belief system and is in line with all faiths and philosophies. It is believed to have arisen from a tradition that predates the ancient Wisdom Schools which were persecuted in the 4th century. Its inoffensive gift has been hidden from view for a long time and yet its simple effectiveness demonstrates Truth.

 Principles of Ho’Oponopono 

  • Our thoughts create our personal reality. There is nothing we see outside of ourselves that has not come from within. Life is essentially a mirror in which we see a projection of our personal beliefs (programmes).  Our minds are projectors and our lives are the film we believe in seen through the filter of our thoughts and emotions. For the sceptical or scientifically-minded, if this is a difficult concept, the film ‘What the Bleep do We Know?’ is a science-based movie introducing ideas like this.
  • Taking 100% responsibility for our reality means we can also take charge of healing our thoughts.
  • Being responsible for our reality is not the same as ‘taking the blame’ for anyone else, only for our perception of them. If something is in our thoughts or perception, it’s a part of us and we can heal it.
  • The ego is connected to the conscious mind and acts like a self-protection mechanism. Over time the ego becomes overzealous in protecting us and narrows down the life experience with opinions, judgments, habits, fears and phobias. We can’t get rid of the ego (as much literature suggests), but want to retrain it so it allows energy to flow freely again.

 What to do:

  • Become more aware of inner reactions. It doesn’t matter what they are, good or bad, just notice as they arise and clean them so they can be erased by the Higher Self.
  • With every reaction we say four phrases: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
  • You don’t have to say them with special meaning, or believe in anything for it to work.
  • Doing it as often as you can is best. Just saying ‘I Love you’ or ‘Thank you’ over and over mentally also works. Using any one of the four phrases works.
  • At first, try to communicate the idea to your Inner Child that you are listening to its needs and that you love her/him: this will help the new flow of energy to get going and move in the right direction instead of getting stuck in the conscious mind (which can’t work anything out on its own even though it thinks it knows everything!)
  • The ‘child’ is the creative energy that is massively more powerful than the conscious, parent mind, so getting it to work with you and trust you is important.
  • When you say ‘I’m sorry’, you’re addressing your inner child. Sorry for thinking you had to behave a certain way to get a particular result. You just say ‘I’m sorry’ so it knows you’re on its side.
  • When you say ‘please forgive me’ you’re addressing your Higher Self. Your Higher Self doesn’t care what happened it will forgive anything, but in saying ‘please forgive me’ you’re acknowledging that you trust that the healing is done instantly and unconditionally.
  • When you say ‘thank you’ and/or ‘I love you’, you acknowledge to your inner child that something has been erased from your memory forever and you are lighter.
  • You don’t have to think about any of the above while you’re practicing – it’s just information. All that’s important is to get the flow going and then say the prayer as much as you can.
  • Ho’Oponopono is about letting go and letting God/ Divine Intelligence take control of your life, which results in all that’s right for your well-being, peace and happiness.

That’s it. Just keep doing it even if nothing seems to be happening at first. Some people get results immediately. In Ho’Oponopono the idea is to erase debilitating memories from the subconscious so we are a clean slate. This is called Zero Point. Living as we do through the filter of the subconscious or Inner Child means we are always living in the past. Ho’Oponopono gives us the opportunity to dwell in the now.

Recommended: The Easiest Way Special Edition, Mabel Katz

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7 thoughts on “How to Self- Heal with Ho’Oponopono

  1. Missy

    Thank You Vicky for posting a very easy and effective way to understand and implement Ho’oponopono.

    When I first heard of & read about Dr. Hew Len (early last year) I was impressed and skeptical about how he managed to heal all those poor, unfortunate souls in the mental asylum. Being the skeptic that I am, I just filed the story in my memory bank and went about my life, which was full of stress and illness. Every once in a while, the story of Dr. Len’s healing would creep into my mind.
    I would look up Ho’oponopono again and again, throughout the year, as the other side of me is always seeking help from the metaphysical, and hopeful that maybe there is some sort of help via this modality, but alas, my skeptical side would take over and I would just dismiss it, thinking how can 4 short sentences help let alone cure anything.

    It wasn’t until the tail end of 2012 that I, out of desperation, after trying everything else in the medical and spiritual world, only to find that nothing was helping, I finally decided to seriously apply the 4 short sentences during one of my many attempts at trying to get some sleep.

    I am a chronic, genetic insomniac. Four hours is the maximum that I would ever sleep since I was born. But these last few years, I was lucky to get 1 hour sleep per night. I was so sleep deprived. Nothing would help. It runs in our family tree on my fathers side. My children also suffer from this as well as all my cousins on my fathers side.

    My IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) was in over drive. My thyroid was in overdrive mode & the endocrinologist was preparing me for radio active treatment to kill it. I developed Fibromyalgia too. Apparently lack of sleep brings us to the FM point & hyperthyroidism as our body needs deep sleep every night to heal from the daily stresses. I wasn’t getting any.
    Long story short, my entire central nervous system was shot.

    In October I forced myself to repeat those 4 short sentences, while lying down one night. I got up to about the 8th repeat and a plea to God to help heal me. All of the sudden, I wasn’t able to finish the entire mantra and I passed out. I woke 4 hrs later! Wow, that was a miracle in my eyes.

    I repeated this mantra process the next night & this time it took only about 5-6 times of repeating when I once again passed out. Now days, it only takes about one try and I am out like a light.

    I should also add, that during this time, I came across information about our modern grains and eliminated them from my diet. Apparently modern wheat & grains stimulates the excitotoxin neurotransmitters in our brain. Wheat is the biggest culprit tho.

    These foods stimulate the excitotoxin neurotransmitters much like cocaine and the results are all sorts of illnesses. Add daily stress to that and you are looking a some pretty serious health issues.
    No wonder when I tried Ho’oponopono last year I was not getting any results. This time it worked bcos I stopped consuming what is now days called Franken Foods.

    Franken Grains and Franken Oils. Franken Oils are hydrogenated vegetable oils. Franken Grains are Hydrogenated too. Apparently Hydrogenated foods are much worse than GMO foods.
    We now render our own lard from pork fat to use for cooking and consume butter. Animal fats
    are the key to healing.

    I started researching more and more and found so much information about these Franken Foods which made so much sense that I had nothing to lose by omitting them from my diet.

    I shared this information with my Fibromyalgia Study Group and those of us who seriously omitted the Franken Foods from our diet, found that we started to feel better and better during the 2nd week and on.

    They too applied the Ho’oponopono at that time and they too started to find relief from their FM, IBS, stress and insomnia.

    For those of you who suffer from health issues, regardless of what they are, look into these Franken Foods and foods that stimulate your excitotoxin neurotransmitters in your brain and omit them from your diet. Then apply Ho’oponopono and see the amazing results within you.

    Thanks to Vicky Coombes, you have an easy to understand reason of why and how to apply these
    glorious 4 short healing sentences.

    Thank you again Vicky. It’s people like you who share your knowledge freely with those in need, who are truly Blessed by the Universe!

    To anyone reading my comment with health issues, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing your own google research about these Franken Foods, Excitotoxin Foods – omitting them from your diet and then applying Ho’oponopono. The results are amazing!

    And on my part, I too will share and send Vicky’s easy to understand instructions to all in my address book, in the hopes of helping more people via Ho’oponopono.

    Google search:

    – Are You Addicted to Wheat? | The Dr. Oz Show
    – Excitotoxicity Wikipedia
    – Organic wheat is just wheat with lipstick on it.
    – List of excitotoxin foods
    – The Liberation Diet
    – The Wheat Belly Diet

    Knowledge is Power!

    1. vickycoombes

      Wow, Missy! Thanks so much for your comments and sharing your experiences.The insomnia sounds intolerable, and probably made your other health challenges way worse into the bargain:/ I sincerely hope you are now beginning to find your way to total well-being, well done for your perseverance…. I’m thrilled that Ho’Oponopono has helped you – it truly is so very simple. My own experience was similar to yours in that I was initially skeptical and kept forgetting to use it, then at a time in my life when I felt desperate I began to use it in earnest. It was/is miraculous for me too and I would urge anyone interested in self-healing to use it. There’s loads of info on as well as countelss books now available via amazon or kindle. Many kind regards and best wishes, Vicky.

  2. Franklin

    Hello Vicky, I liked very much your article. I have a question for you: Do you think Ho’oponopono can help me in my treatment of OCD? Have you known or heard stories about OCD patients who cured using Ho’oponopono?
    Thanks you!

    1. vickycoombes

      Hello Franklin, and thank you for your message and feedback:) I am by no means ‘expert’ on the application of ho’oponopono and view myself very much as student. Also, I wouldn’t like to advise you about how to deal with a challenge such as this without knowing the full background. However what I can tell you confidently is that I now know many people who have used this simple technique on many,many different issues and even if the ‘success’ may not always have been total, using the mantra effectively has eased, softened or dissolved symptoms to the point where they seem much less significant. This would include painful chronic conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, panic disorder and relationship issues to name but a few. I do think it’s important to find your own way of using and applying it, as the core tenet of ho’oponopono is 100% responsibility for our own perceptions. So as our perceptions and view of the world are so individualised, there must be as many reasons to, and ways to use the technique. So find your way in baby steps to begin with, and experiment: if you are a rational kind of a person, it’s probably ok to use the phrases without engaging too much with emotion, whereas if you are a more feeling type, you may find it more helpful and find more peace from pinpointing specific emotions related to specific incidents. On a physiological level, by all means ‘speak’ to your body, body parts or to the particular thoughts that may cause reactions you’d rather leave behind.
      In Hawaiian huna, beliefs are said to clump together in a similar way to bunches of grapes,so there are always many thoughts attached to one belief. It’s always surprising to see what we find!
      So my advice would be yes! go ahead and create a practice for yourself that begins to chip away at the issues underlying the OCD. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, particularly when you ‘establish’ a relationship with your superconscious via the subconscious, and begin to see glimpses of light and space where there has been darkness and confusion. It will spur you on. My recent blog entitled Hello Again is also about Ho’oponopono and specifically directs you to a wonderful book by Paul Jackson that covers everything you need to know.I will write more about ho’oponopono in the future so please click on ‘follow’ if you’d like to receive posts by email. Good luck to you and very kindest regards, Vicky.

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