Together at the Aquarius New Moon

‘Together’ you can do anything!

The New Moon on January 30th is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, planet of vision, progress and revolution. The theme of Aquarius is progress, so now is a good time to make effective changes. This new moon happens to be the second in the month of January, (a so-called Black Moon), and that means there’s a second chance to make new-year resolutions.

Aquarius-time is the season of inventiveness and originality: we’re now well and truly shifted into the Aquarian Age too:continually  bombarded and surrounded by new information, so we need neater, more concise ways to pass information to the subconscious.

Bearing in mind that we’re constantly creating everything in our personal world with thoughts, words and actions –( just not always with conscious intention), the idea behind an affirmation is to consciously create an empowering thought-feeling that’s interpreted and faithfully created in the outer world by the all-powerful subconscious mind.

The key to creating and affirming what we want is to bring the feeling of it into our experience as if it’s already happening. Feelings and images are the language of the subconscious and how it ‘listens’ to us. We achieve this by ‘acting as if…’ the thing we want is already in our lives.

But often we can lose the feeling of the thing we want in an overly complex affirmation which can be open to multiple interpretations by the subconscious. So using words that can bypass ‘interpretation’ and instead immediately ‘switch on’ specific states is one way around this.

Switchwords are the ‘invention’ of maverick advertising executive, author and family man James T Mangan (1896-1970). During his lifetime, James experimented with particular word-forms that helped him to create ‘perfect’ results in his life for himself and others. His book ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ is now a classic. I found out about it from author Alex Daniel’s amazing must –read series of books (see below for details) and was intrigued.

secret of perfect living

The idea is to use words as conscious ‘commands’ to the subconscious for specific needs. If you don’t like the idea of ‘commands’ then try ‘suggestions’. You can make up your own switchwords, for example, saying the name of someone you truly admire ‘switches on’ their qualities in you the way you perceive them, for example saying the command: ‘Nelson Mandela’ could switch on the mindset of  leadership qualities for you, or ‘Dawn French’ if you want to be lighthearted or funny. Switchwords are power words – they switch the subconscious into specific states giving you immediate access to empowering states. Through forty years of trial and experience, James discovered a vocabulary of words that ‘switch’ on specific states in the subconscious that can be applied universally.

Alex Daniel says ‘Switchwords are a great tool …..when you want to adjust your vibrational state quickly. They are a one-word shortcut to the subconscious, and cause the appropriate feeling to be triggered by the brain in response to the word’

Try out a few from the list below and use them as power tools to ramp up and amplify specific intentions.

The theory behind all switchwords is to cause the conscious mind to unite with the subconscious: the idea is to ‘bless’ your subconscious Self with love and consideration instead of cursing it with impatience, judgment and criticism.

In speaking to ourselves with kindness and loving words, we find cooperation from the hidden part of our Self that does everything for us.

In ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ Mangan asks: ‘Are There Two ‘You’s’? Certainly there are two ‘you’s’! Though they both belong to the single you – the dignified capable person that sanity insists is but one individual, there are definitely two sides of you that are seemingly condemned to wage perpetual war on each other.’

In this spirit, the first word that Mangan discovered is ‘Together’. He used this word continually for one week to create ‘perfection’ in his life. ‘Together’ switches on a unification of the conscious and subconscious minds so that things work better. Together is a so-called master switchword as it can be applied to almost any situation to make things work better. Simply say the word ‘Together’ as little or as often as you like and see how it works for you.

He describes the ‘Alphonse and Gaston’ technique for Producing Togetherness – a little on the quaint side now perhaps but the meaning is still fresh: ‘Liken your relationship between conscious and subconscious to the two famous characters, Alphonse and Gaston. These two Frenchmen are eternally polite, each always putting himself in the second place, insisting: ‘After you, my dear Alphonse,’ and being answered: ‘No, you come first my dear Gaston’. You will find that as you act magnanimously toward your subconscious self, the Sub-You will jump to outstrip that very magnificence in its show of cooperation with the conscious.’

The idea is similar to that of cooperating with the Inner Child or of blessing yourself with love as in Ho’Oponopono with ‘I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank You.’


Switchwords can be used alone or in combinations of your own creation. A complete list can be found online at

But here are some to whet your appetite:

BE: A powerful switchword to help you achieve good health and inner peace

BLUFF: to get rid of nervousness, worry, tension or anxiety or to help you have pleasant dreams

CANCEL: to eliminate images you don’t want from your mind, negative thoughts or unwanted conditions, or to dispel worry.

CARE: to help you memorise anything you need to remember.

CHANGE: to help you get rid of emotional and physical pain

CHARM: to help you manifest your heart’s desire.

CIRCULATE: to help end loneliness and feel at ease around people

COUNT: to help you make money and to help reduce or stop smoking

CRISP: to dispel tiredness, feel revitalized

CRYSTAL: to clarify any situation, to see the way ahead clearly

CURVE: to create beauty, make beautiful, enhance creativity

DEDICATE: to help you stop clinging to a person or situation

DEWDROP: to calm down when angry of afraid

DIVINE: to help you work miracles or achieve the extraordinary, increase personal ability

DO: eliminates procrastination

FIND: helps you build a fortune (use with COUNT) as in FIND-COUNT or COUNT-FIND

GIVE: to sell something and to help others

HO: to help you relax (say with an outward sighing breath)

LOVE: helps generate, radiate and experience love of all kinds

ON: a powerful word to help you get new ideas, and to find transportation when you need it

OVER: to help ease frustration

REACH: to find mislaid objects, recall forgotten ideas

THANKS: to increase gratitude and release guilt

TOGETHER: to get things together, to become single-minded when you need to be, to act as one with your Self

For a complete list please see Switchword Miracles by Doron Alon or any of Alex Daniel’s books which have switchword lists and how to use them in the Appendix.

Ten Quantum Tools to Change Your World, Alex Daniel

Quantum Zero: Living a Life of Perpetual Prayer, Alex Daniel

Switchword Miracles, Doron Alon

The Secret of Perfect Living, James T Mangan

Image of ‘love makes the world go round’ and

Happy New Year, Happy New Moon!

Happy New Year and Happy New Moon!


If you make resolutions at the New Year, how can you make sure they’re going to work?

January 1st 2014 at 11.15 am GMT brings the new moon in Capricorn: a ‘supermoon’ – meaning that the moon is close to earth in her orbit. Astrologically, this increases the influence of the moon and heightens your ability to tap into the subconscious, clear out what you don’t want and create more of what you really do want. The new moon does not ’cause’ our affirmations, wishes and goals to succeed, its new phase merely reflects a time when everything on earth and in nature supports new growth.

New Moon ‘wishes’ or affirmations are statements that support your goals, (rather than the goals themselves). Affirmations work when there is no contradiction between what you affirm for and what you believe about the affirmation.

For example, if you want to stop smoking in the New Year, your goal might be: ‘I intend to be a non-smoker by February 1st 2014’.

An affirmation (amongst others) that supports this goal might be: ’I love making healthy choices that make me feel good’

Each time you say the affirmation, you’re re-minding yourself of something you already believe is true.

But if you create the goal above and affirm it with something like: ‘I hate smoking’ or ‘I am now a non-smoker’, you might get some inner resistance to your statement. The subconscious would have difficulty ‘believing’ you because it knows that your conscious statement isn’t entirely true: you may still enjoy a cigarette even if it’s your goal to stop, and it knows for sure you are not yet a ‘non-smoker’!

The problem with resistance to an affirmation is that it automatically disempowers us: when we meet with inner resistance, we can’t move forward towards our goal. This is what happens sometime around Jan 10th, when we start to feel like the grand plans are going pear-shaped…..

What can be done to deal with this conundrum? (The same conundrum which, incidentally is one of the prime reasons that Law Of Attraction books such as The Secret can be frustratingly difficult to apply).

Well, we can continue to create affirmations that we know for sure are believed by the subconscious mind. This works but only takes us so far……. Enter, ‘af-form-ations’, a marvelously inventive approach to affirmations originated by Dr Noah St John, who after reaching a rock-bottom moment of frustration when trying to work out why he wasn’t succeeding, had a eureka moment and realised that:

‘you create your life in two ways: by the statements you say to yourselves and others, and by the questions you ask yourself and others.’

Dr Noah tells us that that the mind has an automatic search function. It’s referred to by psychologists as the ‘embedded presupposition factor’, meaning that our brain has an automatic expectation of circumstances, events, relationships and outcomes, hard-wired in from our social and genetic conditioning.

The brain automatically searches for answers to anything we ask, whether positive or negative.

Why does this always happen to me? (A question we rarely ask when things have just worked out swimmingly)


In areas of life that challenge us, the questions we ask of ourselves can be negative: if we find ourselves in a situation we don’t want to be in yet again, we usually respond by asking ‘ Why does this always happen?’ ‘ Why am I so  stupid/unlovable/ bad person/ a failure/ broke again? etc etc?’

Naturally, being the amazing super-computer it is, your brain automatically begins to search for answers to the above questions, quickly coming up with hard evidence from the outside world as to why you are indeed stupid/ bad/ wrong/ rejectable!

Up until recently in human history, we have tended to believe the evidence presented to us in the outside world as ‘true’. When there are underlying expectations of failure lurking beneath our conscious goals, we have an underlying belief that drives us quickly to our end point of failure. Except…… except…. Yes, it’s only a belief! This means it’s not real or true in anyone else’s world except for our own personal universe.

Dr Noah’s afformations are thus a beauteous and elegant way to ask a better question of ourselves. Instead of ‘ I hate smoking’ ( we might not, even if we want to stop) we can ask ‘Why do I dislike smoking?’  (tons of reasons will validate this even if you’re still doing it.)

Instead of ‘I am now a non-smoker’ (really?), you could ask ‘Why do I love being free of cigarettes?’

Instead of ‘why am I so stupid/ unhealthy/ unlucky in love/ broke?’, try any of the following:

‘Why am I so clever/bright/ creative?

Why am I so healthy? Why do I make such healthy choices? Why do I love the healthiest food and exercise?

Why am I lovable? Why am I able to picture myself happy with a soul/play/work mate?

Afformations enable us to fill in what  Noah calls ‘the belief gap’ – an area of the subconscious that is entrained by previous experiences and social/familial conditioning to expect difficulty, set-backs or failure, limiting our ability to set goals in that area no matter what we desire for it.

More importantly, afforming, – asking empowering questions of yourself, enables you to take actions that progress you towards your destination goal or resolution.

A Short Re-Minder:

  1. Affirmations, (statements that support your goals) and new –moon wishes work well in areas where there is no resistance from the beliefs of the powerful subconscious.
  2. Use afformations  in areas in which you have previously been unsuccessful in goal-setting, – where there’s a ‘belief gap’.
  3. When you get to the old familiar bottom-line question of ‘Why is this happening again?’, track the feeling you get and identify it as closely as possible: do you feel sad, bad, guilty, stuck, wrong, insecure, fearful, or something else that stops you in your tracks?
  4. ‘Catch’ the feeling and identify it with a word or two, then deliberately turn it around on its head: your brain just found you evidence of something disempowering – that’s all. (It’s not true!)
  5. Always use ‘Why’ as your question opener as this tells your brain to start looking for all the ways the question is already true.
  6. Keep a notebook so you can track your afformation questions and notice where your brain brings you evidence, ideas and fresh perspective.
  7. Notice how much easier it is to create supportive ‘beliefs’ and expectations when you set your brain an empowering rather than disempowering task.
  8. (This work is the same as noticing more of the good in your life).

Good Luck in using afformations, and wishing you an absolutely wonderful, peaceful, loving and inspirational New 2014!

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Resources: The Book of Afformations, Noah St John.

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want…

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the Moon. Even if you don’t believe in magic, there’s a special other-worldly-something available any time we catch a glimpse of the luminous glow that changes shape each night. Whether hanging Full in a clear, still night with diamond stars, appearing and disappearing as a Crescent on a wind-blown stormy night or hiding, invisible at the dark of the Moon, she evokes and reflects all our feelings and emotions, good or bad alike.


The Moon’s phases connect us with the other-worldliness of the subconscious mind, which takes an idea and plays it around in the imagination to create infinite scenarios.

There is an ancient idea that has come of its time in today’s science :consciousness is divided into three parts and together those parts form an integrated whole. Religion and mysticism allude to the Holy Trinity, psychology refers to the subconscious, conscious and unconscious Minds and science is now aware of the ‘Triune’ or three-part brain’ – the ancient, ‘reptilian’ brain that is hard-wired to protect, giving us the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ instinct; the limbic or emotional brain which is governed by the heart urging us to form connections; and the cerebral cortex, the most recently evolved part of the brain that enables intelligent, rational decision-making.

Whatever you call it, however you think of it, it’s the same understanding that there are three parts of us that need to work together to evolve successfully.

When we succeed there has been a simple and powerful interplay between those three parts of us. Where there is no resistance from the subconscious mind: no fear, doubt or lack of confidence, we are easily able to ‘manifest’ the results we want.  We get a conscious desire to be, have, or do something and then the subconscious mind gathers information, generates ideas and alerts us to the possible dangers of having what we want. From here, the conscious mind can decide how to proceed – which possibilities seem most viable.

A feeling of confidence gives us the signal that we’re ready to go ahead.

The ideas that we stick with are compelling and we can’t leave them alone, we’re driven by purpose and passion to realise them. We resonate with these ideas because they have meaning for us personally, based on our vision of what our life should be like. We think about our vision a lot, daydreaming and giving it attention and feeling. It inspires us, filling us with anticipation and excitement. It’s the seeds of desire we plant in the subconscious, and the amount of emotional fuel we give to our vision that galvanises the unconscious to bring our idea into form.

Where we lack confidence, (usually because we are trying to succeed in an area of life that has previously been disappointing), we may have developed beliefs that we can’t succeed. There is a breakdown in communications somewhere in the inner triad!

The problem we often experience is because the unconscious’ building’ behind the scenes is invisible. Faith is needed at this point. If our vision isn’t strong enough or if there are doubts about achieving our goal, the emotions and feelings we attach to the goal lose power and the unconscious or ‘superconscious’ mind can’t be galvanised into action.

Steve Kirton writes in ‘Ancient Secrets of The Mind: Unlock The Full Power of Your Unconscious Mind:

‘The subconscious works like a team of designers processing information and offering ideas, the conscious mind is the architect organising those insights into a workable system, the unconscious is the engineer that builds that vision into reality’.

(This is a fantastic book if you want down-to-earth and practical information about how the Law of Attraction!).

At this Scorpio New Moon of November 3rd  11.50pm GMT there is also a Solar Eclipse, when astrologically the Moon’s power takes precedence over that of the Sun. What that means is that feelings and emotions are demanding attention now: logical day-to-day stuff may need to take a back seat until you work out what’s bugging you and how you can align yourself with more personal truth. Whatever needs to come to the surface now has an opportunity to come into conscious awareness.

Scorpio time – Autumn-  is one of remembering, releasing, eliminating and paring back.

So use this New Moon to reflect on what’s truly important in your life. What do you want, do you really really want? What kind of people, relationships, home, belongings and experiences do you really want in your life and what do you definitely NOT want!? Don’t be lured by what everyone else wants, or what others want you to want.

tell me what you want

In goal-setting the hardest part is often deciding what you want. If that’s the case, think about what you definitely DON’T want and then write down the opposite as a goal. Think about what excites, inspires or galvanises you into action. Think about the feelings you want to have more of in your life and give your attention to them. Allow them to grow with the help of your own inner architect and your inner team of designers, but remember that without the patience and focus you need to allow your inner ‘builder’ to finish the project, the results you want can’t happen.

There are three of you in there: a ‘holy family’ of your conscious decision-making self, your imaginative, visionary and protective subconscious, and your magical inner genie, the unconscious, so you’re wired rather ingeniously to achieve everything you dream of for yourself and more.

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse, align yourself with everything you love and value to reignite your life with the passion you need for your vision of success.

I wanna really really really wanna ziga zig ha!

October New Moon in Libra

Hello again. After a little Summer break, many friends of Coaching Your Feelings have asked for more New Moon blogs so here goes with the October 5th New Moon at 11 degrees of Libra ❤ ……..a little late, but a good time to resume as there’s currently a lot ‘happening’ in the sky: a powerful configuration was formed by the Sun and New Moon in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn which currently form a so-called ‘grand cross’ in the heavens……….

 dark star astrology

…so what exactly does that mean to us on planet Earth? Squares and oppositions are formations that can reflect stress, tension and challenge. Arguments and conflict may spring up as opposing viewpoints jostle for recognition and understanding. As the New Moon begins a cycle of Libra relationship or partnership themes, this month brings a time to look at both sides of a situation, attempt true compromise, review love connections and decide what works and what  may need to end. It’s also a good time to affirm how you want to feel in relation to important people and situations in your life.

Wishing on the New Moon is a way of reframing the past (the old Moon). A new thought-idea that generates a good feeling can actively replace feelings of anxiety, doubt, fear or limitation of any kind. You can make affirmations anytime, but making them at the New Moon is the most potent time because Nature’s own cycle of new growth helps.

beauty in balance dot net

Observing nature, we learn the cycles of life from birth to maturity, decay, death and rebirth. A newbie to gardening may have to find out the hard way that sowing seeds in Winter won’t work, – the ground’s too hard and cold – it’s not a hospitable or fertile environment for germination: similarly, affirmations made after the Full Moon (the waning or autumn/winter phase) when nature moves from an active cycle to a more receptive, passive one, are less likely to ‘take root’. This phase is for ‘pruning back’, considering and reflecting rather than making decisions, and releasing or eliminating what’s no longer needed.  Any time leading up to the full Moon, (but especially the first 48 hours after the New Moon) is the growth period and a good time for creations of any kind, including affirmations, wishes and turning over new leafs.

So to help you be prepared as this month’s configurations begin to take shape, here are a few pointers:

  • The Moon helps you to connect with the feeling you don’t want and to select the one you do, through the power of imagination. Imagination can be your friend or your foe – you decide which.
  • Clarify what you want to achieve. For example, say you’re having a problem with a particular relationship and even thinking of this person currently brings up feelings of anger ( if it’s sadness, guilt, anxiety or some other less than happy emotion, work with that instead). In this example, feeling angry is your true feeling, so there’s no point in trying to push it down. Instead, accept that the anger is yours and yours alone: no-one can make you angry unless you allow it. You don’t need to know the origin of the angry feelings or bring up any uncomfortable memories, you only to need to accept that you feel that way now
  • Ask questions –such as, ‘How can I dissolve my feelings of anger?’ Just saying these words alone is enough for your subconscious to feel acknowledged and recognised .Your subconscious mind (the Moon) works quickly to find the right answer and way for you to dissolve the negative feeling, just keep asking the question until you arrive at a more peaceful place
  • Imagine, visualise, hear and fully engage emotionally with whatever you want to feel instead of (anger). Write it down, choose short, succinct, easy-to-remember phrases and maybe even make them rhyme or make them into a tune! In the above example, it might be along the lines of: I choose to be calm and happy. I see myself calm in the presence of…….. No-one else’s behaviour can affect my right to be calm. Someone else’s anger belongs to him/her and I can choose to let them keep it!
  • Beware of any negative thought- feelings that pop up making you doubt  your affirmations will work. Try not to react to them – they’re just old habits. Dissolve them not with irritation, (as they’ll only fight back if they feel criticised or attacked), but with gratitude for trying to help you deal with difficulty. Then override them with your new positive-feeling phrases.
  • Visualise (imagine) yourself the way you want to be as often as possible, allowing the image you create to expand and become clearer. Engage as many senses as possible in your visualisation: hear the words you might be saying or that someone is saying to you; see the facial expressions; sense and create the ideal scene you want to create. Doing this gets your brain to believe the new state of being is already happening.
  • Build faith in your ability to create positively by practicing your affirmations or wishes often. Begin with small things if you find it difficult to believe this Law of Attraction stuff works!  Dwell in the good feelings your well-chosen words bring into your body. A notebook kept just for this purpose can help you log your own evidence of success. Experiment, remembering that behind every goal or ambition is simply the desire to feel happy.
  • Being happy, being in a state or ‘vibration’ of happiness is what attracts every other good thing into your life.  You are a walking magnet! We’re always trying to connect with our happiest states as this is what’s closest to our Source. When you’re ‘being’ sad or any state other than happiness, ask yourself what you’re ‘Being’ (attracting) in that moment. Transform a negative state quickest with a good laugh, saying words that make you feel nurtured, watching a light-hearted DVD or finding something else to smile about in order to change your ‘vibration’ up.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Nothing ‘upvibes’ you faster than finding things to be glad about. What are your blessings big and small? Feeling glad =feeling happy, so this gets you magnetising your best scenarios and relationship circumstances quickly.

 What you FEEL NOW, IS what you're going to ATTACT!

Have a good month ahead,


images courtesy of darkstar; beauty in; social

The New Moon Law of Attraction

If you’ve read books like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’, you might have given the Law of Attraction a go. You might have had a few successes and then given up with frustration! (In the unlikely event you’ve never heard of it, the Law of Attraction is just one of countless spiritual laws, but the only one that’s gone viral due to the promise of ‘having it all’).  It could be because we’re often tense about and therefore resistant to success in the areas of life we most want them that we unintentionally push what we truly desire away.

Have you noticed how it’s quite easy to ‘manifest’ anything that doesn’t matter too much – a parking space, a friend ringing two minutes after he/she came into our mind, or hearing the answer to a pressing but unimportant question on the car radio? It’s precisely because we have no attachment to how or when we’ll receive that particular thing that we offer up no resistance and ‘receive’ or magnetise it almost immediately. We don’t really need it, but we get it anyway. Hey ho, God’s little joke is that the more we want something, the less likely we are to get it: when we really want something, we obsess, we worry, we doubt, we over-think, we try to take control, and all that emotional tension pushes away the very thing we so badly want!

Letting go of outcomes can be the most challenging aspect of consciously creating, but the coming new moon offers a new opportunity to relax and trust.

This Aries New Moon occurs at 9.36am GMT on Wednesday April 10th 2013.

April 22013 046

Aries is ruled by dynamic Mars. Its energy is beautiful – warm, loving, fast-moving and full of trust in nature for the coming solar year.

Trust in yourself in the coming days to know what it is you need to ask for from yourself.

As always with creating affirmations, first write them down and then state them out loud within 48 hours of the new moon. Writing your words brings them out of the darkness of your subconscious and into the light of your awareness.

This month, trust that even if you don’t affirm for anything specific, you can still find yourself receiving exactly what you want. In ‘Miracles Happen with One Good Thought’, Mike England suggests making affirmations as general and vague as possible.

‘Do not try to attract a particular thing – it places too much pressure on you and instantly pushes it away. Think thoughts that make you feel good, irrespective of whether they are about things you want. Think of what makes you feel happy and at ease. When you forget what you’re trying to attract, you surrender to the universe and allow your thoughts to roam free, finding their right place’

Here’s Mike’s wonderful advice in a nutshell:

           1  Find a place to be quiet for around ten minutes each day.

The aim is to become relaxed as this enables you to access your creative imagination easily. Breathe deeply and effortlessly, close your eyes and allow any tension in your body to be released. Relax into a state that’s receptive to your own creative suggestions.

relaxed         2 Make affirmations that begin with ‘I enjoy’, ‘It’s great to..’ ‘I love…’ ‘I really like it when….’: This takes your mind off physical-attraction and onto thought-attraction’

         3  Make very general suggestions to yourself that simply allow you to feel good inside.

Mike England makes the following great suggestions, but you can make your own up if you prefer:

For health:‘I enjoy feeling healthy. I enjoy feeling energised. I enjoy feeling good.’

For money: Rather than ‘Money is increasing in my life every day’ which the creative self may have an obstructive belief about, you could say: ‘Something wonderful is happening in my life right now’ – this could mean anything good and is a more expansive playing field for the creative self to believe in

  •        4    Allow your words to make you feel carefree.

‘There is plenty of money everywhere. Money is flowing everywhere all the time.’ When used in a carefree way it brings massive amounts of wealth because you’re focused on plenty of money. Beliefs create things and you can change yours right now.

‘My thoughts are free. I am free, and I can choose the life I want.’

For Love:‘I enjoy thinking about being in love just because it feels good’. Use this, or anything else that brings forth positive emotion. Find a way to focus on love and feel good. Don’t be specific, feel at ease with whatever you’re saying.

For Anxiety: ‘I enjoy the thought of releasing all fears from my experience’

‘I enjoy feeling the freedom of my own thoughts. I can choose to think anything that I want. I choose thoughts that free me, that feel good, that empower me

        5  Create a way of ‘answering’ any negativity or resistance that comes up within you during the day.

You could use Ho’Oponopono at these points and simply acknowledge any resistant thoughts by mentally saying Thank you and I love You. Or you could say, ‘It’s all sorted now; my subconscious mind has taken care of everything. It’s all in hand. I trust that all is well

        6    Be Vague – the Vaguer the Better, as long as it feels good!

As you use the affirmations more and more and satisfying things are beginning to happen in every area of your life, you will begin to magnetise good things in every area of a similar high frequency.

          7      Stop ‘TRYING’

Re-tune yourself inwardly to the feeling of effortlessness and enjoyment when the feeling of ‘trying’ pops up. As you do this for a few days you will feel more relaxed. Once this happens, it allows answers to arrive for you. If you TRY, it won’t work. Your creative self  or subconscious mind gives you an exact match energetically of what you put in. If you feel you always have to ‘look’ for something, you’ll continue to attract the energy of ‘seeking’ – magnetising more and ways of seeking but no satisfactory new states of being.

           8     Care more about being happy than getting what you want.

Do not try to attract a particular thing – it places too much pressure on you and instantly pushes it away. Think thoughts that make you feel good, irrespective of whether they are about things you want. Think of what makes you feel happy and at ease. When you forget what you’re trying to attract, you surrender to the universe and allow your thoughts to roam free, finding their right place.

Wishing you effortless success!


1)        New Moon Astrology, Jan Spiller

2)        Miracles Happen with One Good Thought, Mike England,

A Whole Lot of Pisces at the New Moon!

There’s an especially lovely new moon at 21 degrees of Pisces on Monday March 11th at 19.52 GMT.

The days are lengthening (Lenten-time) and in times gone by, the first Spring flowers and bright greenery would appear when food supplies were at their lowest. Pisces and Lent are simultaneously associated with optimism and scarcity. So even as Cadbury crème eggs and hot cross buns are launched at us from every bend and turn, we’re wired through ancestry and DNA to .pare back, slim down and make a space inside for the new-ness of Spring.

As Pisces is the last of the signs and signals the end of Winter, it naturally attunes us to healing and forgiveness. On Monday, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Pisces’ own ruler, Neptune will all line up in Pisces. That’s a whole lot of Pisces, folks!, – giving your new moon wishes and affirmations an extra bit of magic and fairy dust.


All those planets in Pisces means that we’ll be tuned into spirit rather than intellect. Decision-making is intuitive in Pisces and we are more open-hearted. It’s a great time for art projects, writing, healing and composing. It’s a great time to allow yourself to be in-spired and to give up whatever makes you feel dis-spirited.  Creating depth of experience, healing emotional bonds, discovering intimacy and spirituality are all themes for new moon wishes.

The truth is that we’re great big spiritual beings in  tidgy little physical bodies. Most of the time, we go around thinking that we’re just a body. We identify with our physical health or limitations, our diets, exercise regimes (or lack of them), all the while knowing that it can’t be all there is to us because we constantly sense the swelling or diminishing of our spirit. The New Moon at Pisces time is an opportunity to notice what makes our spirit grow bigger and to follow that direction so we can be more fully who we’re meant to be.


Whilst Pisces is gentle, it takes no prisoners. This is the sign that reminds us that in order to live in the now, flowing with an inspired new vision, we must recognize, heal and dissolve the thoughts and beliefs keeps us stuck in the past or worried about the future. Pisces –time is review-time.

Affirmations and Wishes

  • Just Notice, don’t Judge.

Whilst it’s a good time to review, don’t judge yourself or entertain thoughts that make you feel bad: they are the voice of Ego dragging you away from the present. Living in Ego, we re-hash past thoughts and construct future scenarios that create worry and uncertainty. Guilt (worry about the past) and anxiety (worry about the future) are ruled by Ego. The present or the ‘now’ is ruled by Divine Intelligence/ God or Universal Consciousness and is the only place we can make changes.

  • Be in the Present

Our Inner Piscean can make us nostalgic, dreamy and stuck in the past. Create your affirmations or wishes in the Present tense so that when you say them, they are stated in the now and stated as ‘fact’ – do this even if you can’t quite yet believe in your affirmation! State your new wishes as ‘facts’ to naturally brings your individual vibration to a higher creative level. At this higher level, it’s easier  and effortless to attract and magnetize all the good things you would wish for yourself.

  • Use ‘I am’ to your benefit

The words ‘I Am That I Am,’ which mean ‘I am in everything, anywhere and everywhere you look’, are said to be the name of God. Thus the true meaning of ‘taking the name of God in vain’. Being raised Catholic, we were taught that saying the word ‘God’ itself was a sin, which never made any sense to me! I do remember being constantly worried for anyone who said it though, (which was pretty much everyone) just in case they were reduced to rubble immediately.

  •  Create Only Positives

Use the Creative ‘I am’ phrase to create positives: I am happy, I am in perfect health, I am safe, I am secure, I am a source of abundance. Notice when you say stuff like ‘I am sick and tired, I am fed up, I am a….. (you fill in the blank!), that you’re still being creative, just not in a way you’d want. So without beating yourself up about it, just decide to change  the phrase to something more positive or more in line with how you really want to be. Remember you are quite literally creating the experiences of your life with the’ I am’ phrase.

  • Self-Heal.

When I notice my ego is getting the upper hand and keeping me in a fearful, doubting or dis-spiriting place, I do a spot of ho’oponopono: I say thank you. I say thank you because just noticing a negative perception in itself is an opportunity to dissolve an old memory and delete its emotional hold. Gratitude has a high vibration too and can quickly bring you back into the present. You can also say I’m sorry if you want (for whatever it is in me that created this in my experience – you don’t need to know what it was/is), and I Love You is a lovely way of acknowledging both the Inner Child or subconscious power house that faithfully ‘brings’ whatever you’re ‘asking’ for, as well as the Higher Self that does the healing. Acknowledgement allows a flow of movement to begin again.

  • You are Spirit.


You are an individualized extension of the All That Is, here to realize Who You Are! It is in you and you are in it. It/ God/Divine Energy works through you when you align yourself with it. When you align yourself with this Creative Intelligence through positive affirmation, you raise your vibration naturally (feeling better, more positive, more confident, more in Love, more able to see and be Truth). Whatever you ‘order’ from the Universe that has this high vibration of joy, enthusiasm and confidence is your strength and yours to have. It is already yours, you just have to state your Truth.


Example Pisces New Moon Wishes


I am in God and God is in me

I am a Spiritual Being in a human body having a human experience

Universal Intelligence is constantly creating through my thoughts and words.

I am a creative Being, inspired by Universal Intelligence to be the best version of me I can be.

I create only goodness, love, kindness and positivity with the words I speak.

I am loving, forgiving and compassionate and I claim the peace that is mine already.



With love for a creative, healing and inspirational Pisces New Moon!





New Moon Dawning in Aquarius

The new Moon in Aquarius 2013 occurs at 7.20am GMT on February 10th and heralds the Chinese New Year, so Happy New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cha!

At this time of the year we’re tired of Winter: many folk in the Northern hemisphere suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD but true…), so the new Aquarian themes which are seeded into this new moon cycle help us look forward to lighter, longer, warmer days to come.

Aquarius is ruled by the maverick planet Uranus and is associated with individualism, progressive ideas and technology. The discovery of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto was synchronous with new developments in mankind. Each outer planet represents a new wave of consciousness that ‘coincided’ with new discoveries and eras in science, art, technology, industry and medicine. After all, we cannot ‘discover’ or ‘see’ something ‘out there’ until we have the inner consciousness or awareness to do so.
Around the time that Sir William Hershel officially discovered Uranus (someone else had actually spotted it years before), there was revolution in the air: old orders were collapsing and new ones emerging with both the French Revolution and American Independence around this time as well as the birth of the so-called Age of Reason or Enlightenment. Amazing new approaches driven by progressive thinking grew up and seeded the beginnings of the Aquarian Age.

Thus Uranus in the birth chart describes our personal ‘revolution’ – how we express our uniqueness, individuality and originality as well as how we want to live – our societal and political values.
Smaller cycles reflect and correspond with bigger ones in this universe, so this is a good time of year to be inventive, get new ideas going and find creative ways to express who you are in all your unique glory! It’s about how you can be yourself whilst also serving others: your purpose, your true calling and your ability to forge a unique path in life.

What I love about Aquarian folk is they dare to be 100% themselves. It’s not even an option – Aquarians can’t help being different. They march to the beat of a different drummer but not with the intent of upsetting anyone: it’s just in them to find their own way, dress in clothes that might look wrong on anyone else but are quirky, cool and ultra on-trend on them, making witty, clever observations that can only come out of a highly individualized and un-conditioned-by-anyone-or-anything-else mind.

All of Creation conspires to encourage you to find your inner Aquarian right now. Find your soul’s delights, honour you idiosynchratic little foibles, appreciate your favourite things and take time to notice what makes you smile. Maybe choose a favourite bowl for your Weetabix, say hello to some newly emerging snowdrops you forgot you planted 5 years ago or download a song you’d forgotten you love onto your ipod.

In the after-Christmas time of Capricorn when Saturn’s influence is at large we’re suddenly hit with reality. Back-to-workitis hits us hard and life takes a tough line for a while. Uranus- ruled Aquarius time gives the energy to move forward again instead of feeling stuck or being dragged back into the mire.

Here are a few thoughts to help you rediscover the joy of your individuality…..

  • Affirm: I take time to remember and express my child-like and playful self.
  • List the things you used to enjoy doing as a child, your hobbies, interests, passions and things you’d do if left to your own devices rather than the things you had to do to get along with others.
  • Look at your surroundings and notice your style, the colours you like, the kind of art or clothing you like. If you feel uninspired, maybe it’s time to think about what you’d like instead.
  • Which films do you love and why? What’s your all-time favourite and what values does it resonate with in you? What moves you to tears, makes you smile inwardly or fills you with joy when you bring it to mind? Anything that evokes emotion in you is a massive seam of information about your uniqueness and what makes you you!
  • Discover your unique temperament at – take a free online 10minute test to find your Jungian ‘type’, then put your result into a google search to find dozens of great sites that will tell you all about your strengths and areas for development.
  • What kind of work do you love? What’s your favourite kind of task at work? Does your work satisfy you beyond the reward of payment?
    What does change mean to me? Is it an exciting prospect or just plain scary?
  • If change feels too challenging, what help might be needed to feel supported and safe whilst making the necessary changes?

It’s the Chinese Year of the Snake, and during the coming two weeks until the full Moon, noisy celebrations take place to chase away demons and invite in good health and prosperity for the coming year. The year of the snake is one that is associated with reflective contemplation and preparation for change, so may your new affirmations and intentions chase away old fears and invite in more and more of your ability to express your unique self.

year of the snake

Happy Groundhog Day

Where in your life does the same old situation keep coming back to you time and again, seemingly robbing you of your personal successes?

How often do we just wish or hope things will change this time without actually doing anything different? With stuck-ness, you can be sure that if you don’t deal with it when it’s small, it’ll come back with big purple knobs on shouting louder next time. Personally I’d rather stick pins down my fingernails than face up to change, but when the problem gets so big it starts to affect everything else in your life, it’s time to do something about it.

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. It’s also the Pagan/Celtic/ Christian feast of Imbolc, St Brigid’s or Candlemas respectively. Astrologically, Feb 2nd is one of the ‘cross-quarter’ days of the year when tension in the earth’s energies have built to a climax. Change is imminent and is often forced by ‘circumstances’ at these times of year.
At Imbolc (pronounced Immulc), children would bring flowers and gifts as offerings to the goddess, in the wish that their village would be blessed with a healthy harvest. A healthy harvest was all the success people needed back then.Nowadays success is not much different at heart: we want to live in alignment with our dearest values in peace and harmony with others.


When this isn’t happening it’s because we experienced a personal Groundhog Day: even though we want, hope and even pray for our wish to come true, we keep on thinking the same old thoughts generated by the same beliefs and attitudes, but somehow expect a different result.

In the comedy drama, ‘Groundhog Day’, Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, an egocentric weatherman who’s in love with Andie Macdowell’s character but is failing miserably to win her attention or love in return. Phil finds himself in a time loop and so each day when he once again fails to achieve his goal, he is returned to wake in his bed at the 6am alarm to begin the same day all over again.Phil alone has the opportunity to create a different, better version of his own reality. Each day he is presented with the same people and circumstances (thoughts and beliefs) but sees something different outside of himself to blame for his frustrations. Pride, ego, pig-headedness, arrogance, rudeness and aggression send him hurtling each day into failure.

The Groundhog

He sees the world ‘out there’ as what needs to change rather than the world ‘in here’ where his attitudes and beliefs reside. Naturally, the’ world’ does not cooperate with him – it cannot bring him anything different until he himself understands where the true power resides and consciously takes charge. Finally, after countless returns to 6am, he ‘gets it’ having learned the hard way that changing his attitude to one of kindness, patience, compassion and a sense of humour effortlessly win him the love he wants.
groundhog day

Groundhog Day reminds us of how we too go around trying to fix what’s ‘out there’ instead of what’s ‘in here’. We get annoyed and impatient, sometimes blaming others, maybe even feeing victimised when we feel frustrated, afraid or can’t get what we want. But whatever we perceive ‘out there’ is just a mirror, a reflection of a thought, belief, attitude or feeling that is inside of us helping create our version of ‘reality’.

Resources for getting out of a personal Groundhog Day

1) ‘Groundhog Day’ 1993, written and directed by Harold Ramis – a great rom- com if you haven’t seen it 🙂

2) Remember to say ‘I Love you’ ‘I forgive you’ ‘I’m sorry’ or Thank you to every difficult perception that comes up in your awareness. You don’t need to know why’ it’s there, just acknowledge its presence in your life as something that has come up for cleaning and clearing.

3) Get over going it alone and ask for help: taking action to seek help goes about 90% of the way to self-healing as you demonstrate to yourself that enough is enough.

4) Find a personal coach, mentor, agenda-less friend or therapist to reflect your story back to you and enable you to create thoughts and actions that are support you while you make necessary changes.


6. – great holistic therapy with a grounded approach.
Facing your Groundhog Day problem is one of the keys to greater self-awareness, unleashing more of your intuitive wisdom and ability to self-heal.
Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy New Moon

On January 11th at 7.44pm., the New Moon in Capricorn makes this New Year 2013 official and alive. Capricorn is all about building success through the creation of strong foundations. Foundations are fundamental to Capricorn themes : the rather odd goat-fish is a steady, pragmatic hybrid creature, erring on the side of caution and avoiding unnecessary risks. No stone is left unturned in creating a safe platform for the mountainous heights it can climb to.

But do you know what you’re building?

We’re always building and creating something, even if we’re not aware of it, whether what we’re building is an eyesore or a Taj Mahal. We build with the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Over Christmas and New Year I, (like almost everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere), had flu. I felt rubbish for two weeks and my thoughts were correspondingly dismal, gloomy and negative. I wallowed way too comfortably in the mire and before I knew it, felt myself descending into the pits of despair. Gloom and doom in my little pea brain. Bah humbug.

stuck dog

Apparently we have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of them are the same ones we had yesterday and the day before. (This is not a good thing in my case). It’s not creative: we are merely re-running memories and mostly unconsciously, so we aren’t even aware of what we’re re running.
So I was saved from my inner Eyor by the three fairy godmothers: my Mum, my sister and finally my good friend, who all reminded me of what I need to do, of my resolution and commitment to myself. Wonderfully, they had been watching my mood plummet and pulled me out of the water before I started drowning in my own sorrows. New thoughts with better feelings required, but they have to be consciously formed and created with care.
As ever, I eventually remembered to remind myself of what I tell everyone else to do: I started to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to every nasty little jarring thought that popped into my head. Before long there was enough light to stop feeling sorry for myself and then enough to start looking outwards again and wondering about how I could share some Capricorn thoughts. (Some that aren’t just rainy and January-ish that is).

New Year
Capricorn time is for setting goals rather than resolutions. Resolve isn’t enough in matters of achievement, what’s needed is desire. Setting goals is good for the soul. It gets us out of a rut and into some new habits. New goals, no matter what they are, enable us to have new thoughts and better feelings. Finding a few things we really want to accomplish means we aligned the compass to our own North Star. Goals are different from resolutions by a long chalk.

Resolutions tend to be a set of new rules we set for ourselves based on what we think we ought to be doing. They are about correcting and improving some societal misdemeanor: eating, drinking, smoking or lazing around too much, so they are driven from the outside rather than from within, thus doomed to failure. Whereas true goals are driven from the inside and reflect our deepest values, long-held dreams and are full of personal meaning and purpose .
Looking back over goals you’ve set and already achieved in the last twelve months shows you how far you’ve come, giving a sense of progress. Each goal has a feeling tone. All goals are ultimately of the soul: we are always looking for ways to feel good, to soar and feel our best. Aligning with something we truly desire enables us to push ourselves to a new high. Goals have legs when they are aligned with values, so whatever you desire is desired simply because it aligns you emotionally with the current version of your best self.
So, the hardest part… what do you want? If this is a challenge, think first of what you don’t want and write it down. Then write the opposite of this to find out what you probably do want.
Think of what makes you feel good now and what has made you feel good in the past. All your favourites. These are good clues to your top values. Think of what gives you a little frisson of excitement, some joy, a feeling of reward, a gladness to be alive. They don’t have to be big things, but they do need to create within you a good warm buzzy feeling when you think of them. It is this good feeling, dwelled upon for seconds, minutes and even hours at a time, that brings up and raises your emotional tone. Raising the emotional tone (as Abraham-Hicks calls it) is what raises up your entire life to a new level. This alone is a great reason for setting goals.
Here’s how:
1. What do you Value?

Spend a few minutes thinking of what makes you feel good or what has made you feel good in the past. Doesn’t matter what, just write it all down. These will show you your values – the emotional reason behind any goal and what makes it achievable. Without a value, a goal isn’t going anywhere. You are shown clues by thinking of what you like to spend your time, money or energy on.

2. What do you want?

Think of a few things you haven’t done, that would be really nice to bring into your life. They don’t have to be ‘change the world’ things just yet (though they may turn into that in time).

3. Don’t resist.
It’s important is that you don’t have any feelings of resistance to whatever you want to do or achieve. There are two types of resistance: the type you can overcome with the right kind of support and the kind you can’t overcome even with a hundred or a thousand supporters cheering you on!
If you meet resistance in the form of fear, doubt or uncertainty – the kind of fear that means this goal takes you out of your comfort zone, then think of how you can find support for achieving your goal. A friend, a mentor, a coach can help you push through straightforward fear which is just a natural apprehension to doing what you haven’t tried before, but eminently easy to overcome with support.
If on the other hand, you meet resistance in the form of your own conscience, then most likely you are trying to resist an important value. If achieving your goal means that you would compromise important relationships, values or other existing goals, then this goal is not in alignment with your highest self or your best interests and needs to be re-thunk!

4. Find the right balance.
A good goal puts you somewhere between relaxed and challenged. The relaxed part enables you to daydream easily about how fabulous everything is with this goal in your life, tricking your body into a higher vibe RIGHT NOW and starting to attract the circumstances for you to magnetise all you need to achieve it. The challenging part enables you drum up the excitement and enthusiasm for the journey. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day and a good goal allows you to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

5. Make it fun.
If you like(though this isn’t necessary), you can make a vision board with images that conjure up your goal. Sometimes this type of thing can become more important than the goal itself though. Personally, I just like to write them down then pretty much forget about them: my subconscious is a little powerhouse and brings me exactly what I need without me having to do much.

6. Be specific.
Be specific in stating your desire and breaking down your goal into achievable timed segments. The more detailed you are the better your results: the subconscious loves details to get hold of.

7. Relax and allow.
.Don’t get too worried about the end result: goals sometimes change because life is constantly in motion. We don’t really know what’s best for us, we only think we do. If we can know this, we give our subconscious and superconscious Selves something to work on, knowing and allowing that Divinity will usually work through them to come up with something that we couldn’t imagine that’s even better.

Have YOU experienced a difference between setting yourself a resolution or a  true goal? All your comments welcome as ever……..

Blessings, schmessings and good goals to all (not yet totally out of humbugness)


Make your Christmas Wishes for the Sag New Moon

The New Moon in Sagittarius for 2012 is on December 13th at 08.41.GMT.
Being unapologetically enthusiastic, Sagittarius is the most outgoing, optimistic and fun-loving of all the signs, so it’s the best time of year to make intentions based on optimism, faith, hope and self-belief.

And, if you like to make New Year resolutions, make them on Thursday Dec 13th from 8.41am onwards and the Moon’s new energy will help your resolutions grow beyond the New Year with Sagittarian faith.
Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius and as the largest planet in our solar system, it corresponds with our own largesse, bringing out the best of our abilities to think big (sometimes too enthusiastically as Jupiter is also extravagant and sometimes excessive) at this time of year. Jupiter is the generous, big-hearted and fun-loving god who attunes us to our instinct to encourage others, to give generously,  see the funny side and grasp the bigger picture.
Sagittarians have these qualities in spades but all of us have Jupiter in our birth charts and all of us have areas of life in which we seem to be naturally lucky, to land on our feet or can find a way of bringing joy to others.


Come to think of it, the ancient Roman Jupiter seems uncannily similar to a more recently mythologised god, known for his generosity, kindly good humour and corpulent contours…..

Father Christmas 2

Whether or not it’s true that he’s a cynical and commercial re-invention of the more pious Christmas figure of Saint Nicholas, we still love him. Father Christmas pulls our energy outwards, extending us into the world and towards one another, connecting us with children everywhere.

Christmas is the feast of the Child, and Father Christmas symbolises the benevolent parent in us who wants to give everything to their child. But in the desire to make Christmas outwardly perfect and ideal, we need to remind ourselves of the little Child within ourselves too, the One to whom we often show little faith.

The New Moon reminds us that generosity begins at home within ourselves and allowing our child the attention he or she so deserves, – putting aside for once whether we’ve been ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to experience our feelings (the language of the Child) without judgment.

Jupiter and Sagittarius themes include travel, freedom, asking for faith (Jupiter rules religion, prayer and higher guidance), finding solutions to long-standing problems, overcoming excesses and creating peace of mind.  So find what you need from within these themes (or something completely different if you have a specific current issue) to write and state your New Moon intentions.

As always, with intentions, do not force yourself to affirm what is not true for you. Be honest with where you are now and allow and accept any emotions or feelings that resist your affirmation. Intentions are not about ‘positive’ thinking, but rather self- exploration and acceptance. One step at a time often gets you to where you want faster than overnight success.

The New Moon time allows us to remember and connect to our heart, to our centre, to the feeling self that always ‘knows’.

In her book ‘Dying to be Me’, Anita Moorjani tells of her Near Death Experience, during which she entered a blissful and all-knowing state of pure consciousness, and where she could see that her conditioned beliefs and desire to please other people had catalysed her illness. In experiencing her true self for the first time in pure consciousness, she was able to allow her fears to fall away . She now lives in her Truth and allows herself to be who she is without  fear of the disapproval of others, and her book inspires others to do the same:

“Because of what I realised in my NDE (Near Death Experience), I feel it’s so important not to have judgment and fear toward myself. It’s not important whether I’m having a bad day or a bad week. It’s more important how I’m feeling about myself  while I’m facing this day or week. It’s about trusting the process even as I face a difficult time and not being afraid to feel anxiety, sadness, or fear, rather than suppressing everything until those emotions pass. It’s about allowing myself to be true to who I am. Because of this, the feelings will dissipate and occur less and less frequently.”
Anita shares the important message from first-hand knowledge and experience that it’s not the type of emotions we feel that matters. Emotions ebb and flow in us between anger, frustration, pride, joy and love and back again, sometimes within the space of a few hours. What matters is to allow our emotions to flow through without being suppressed. Judging our feelings and emotions as good or bad is what creates inner conflict and sets us against ourselves, against our Inner Child. We often curse our Selves, belittling or ignoring our experiences, ‘beat ourselves up’ or avoid being honest about what we feel. All of these are ways of keeping the True Self away.

So find yourself a moment of stillness in all the busy-ness at the Christmas New Moon . What will connect your inner fairy lights? Who is your own ‘lowly child in the manger’ waiting to be recognised with faith?

Sagittarius New Moon wishes may go along the lines of:
‘I find it increasingly easy to build faith and trust in myself by creating a loving relationship with my feeling/emotional self or Inner Child.
‘I let my emotions be whatever they are and thank them for giving me information. I allow them to be what they are so they can easily dissolve and lose their power to hurt me’
‘I can easily see now that emotions are memories that come up so I can notice them. Like listening to a child, once they have told me their ‘story’ and have had my attention, they are happy and healed and go off to play again.’
‘ Just because I don’t like a feeling or am uncomfortable with an emotion, there’s no point in having an argument with it… I don’t want to be mean to myself anymore than I would be mean to my own child’
‘When I am kind and loving as a parent should be, my Child is happy and so am I’.


Wishing you peace and love for your Self this Christmas,





1)For more information about how to wish on the New Moon, see  previous blog posts or New Moon Astrology, Jan Speers.

2)Dying to be Me, Anita Moorjani.