Astrological Pictures.

An astrological picture is a visual interpretation of an astrological birth chart. The idea began when a friend asked for a birth chart for her baby and I made a picture instead of writing the astrology in the usual report form:)

The astrology is worked out first and then imagery, colour and design are created with the main themes of the personal astrology in mind. Each piece is mixed media, made with handcrafted papers, acrylic paint, pastels and inks. Personal, individually interpreted astrology is hand-written into the piece. The result is dream-like and meditational and unique to each person.

For weddings and anniversaries, pictures can be created either from the wedding day astrology or from blending two individual charts to make a ‘composite’.

You can also commission a piece that uses poetry (like the one below) or lyrics to a favourite song.

Wedding Picture with Poetry chosen by the couple
Wedding Picture with Poetry chosen by the couple

The Wedding picture featured above is a collage using a patchwork quilt as a metaphor for marriage. W B Yeats’ ‘He dreams of the cloths of heaven’ is hand-written into the deep blue ‘cloths’ or paper surrounding the bed, bringing a little bit of heaven to earth

Price Structure.

Bespoke Astrological Pictures vary in price according to size but an average size of 34 x 34 cm or 14 x 14 inches would be £650.

Personalised Prints

These are collections of prints designed as gifts for new babies, weddings and birthdays. You can view them at Prints are sold mounted and sellowrapped but can also be framed on request. Personalised prints cost £80 mounted.





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