Becoming Magic

“Becoming Magic’ is the first of a marvellous trilogy of books by Genevieve Davis ( the author’s mysterious pen-name:)) I’d definitely recommend reading the books in order as in ‘Becoming Magic’ we are told “you must lay the preparation and become magic before you can do magic. Magic is not something separate from you: it is not something you do. Magic is something you are……magic itself always comes from the person doing the spell”.

Are you hooked yet? Cos the author’s voice of hard-won experience certainly had me intrigued……In the second and third books (Doing Magic and Advanced Magic) we learn how to apply our newly acquired attitudes, but the first book reminds us that nothing can happen ‘out there’ without first building up the required self trust and understanding that is needed in to be a truly self-confident magician:). IMG_4380

I love this book so much I read it three times, unheard of for me, as I struggle to finish many. Mainly because as outlined in previous post, I read so many on the same subject matter, so am always looking for the thing, the very thing that makes me actually REALISE something, take it in, BECOME it. So I’ve read maybe a gazillion books, blogs, websites etc on the subject of the Law of Attraction. I’ve loved reading everything to do  with this topic as I find it on the one hand highly entertaining, in a parlour game kind of way (does this really work, what are the rules, can I make it do it?).

I’ve found in my experience that yes working the Law of Attraction by following ‘the rules’ (1. Know exactly what you want, 2…imagine that you already have it, 3…dwell on the lovely feeling of having it already as much as possible to entrain the subconscious to ‘deliver’ your wanted feeling in its external disguise of your desire and 4….let go and trust the ‘universe’ to make it happen at the right time) …….. can work, but only in certain circumstances and usually in areas of life where I’m not too worried about outcomes. It’s in those areas where things had to be a certain way or I’m not playing, that I was doomed to failure after failure.

So when I came across ‘Becoming Magic’ again recently and  re-read it, it was like visiting a wise old friend. I rediscovered the truth about all my law of attraction forays: the real reason we eventually fall flat on our faces with LOA material is that we’re up against the might of our own unconscious mind, with all its doubt, fears and phobias, real and imagined frights and bad experiences, many of which have occurred in the very areas of life we are trying to ‘manifest’ our good. So, little wonder that we struggle under the weight of our self doubts and previous bad experiences and eventually give up. A great desire can always be cancelled out by a nagging doubt:(

The truth is that there’s no all- powerful Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road, it’s just a bloke behind a green curtain making a loud noise. The ego Gatekeeper, who wants to keep us feeling those old doubts so we stay the same and don’t threaten the status quo, can perform all those tricks and more, and have us believe there’s something outside of us we must petition for the good in our lives. But Genevieve Davis is here to remind us that the real trickery is in learning to belief in ourselves rather than any outside agency.

“If you manifest a huge sum of money, but on a background of feeling unworthy, acting poor, dressing, acting, believing, thinking like a poor person, you will lose all your money. If you manifest a perfect partner, but you don’t feel attractive, feel unlovable and unworthy, if you have no allocated time and space in your life for such a person, they will leave you…… It’s not possible to do magic on the world. You must become that which you want to be first and let the world follow in your tracks. This means no one can successfully, consistently and intentionally do magic  until they have become magic. Te only thing you have to change is you….. and watch the world follow.”

I hope you read this book if you’re interested in the LOA or learning about how to release  self-limiting beliefs. It is a true gem:)

With love,




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