Hello Again,

It’s been a while….. much has happened since last writing, and I’ve changed the blog title from ‘Coaching Your Feelings’, but now it feels like time to reconnect. I hope to catch up with you! I’ve been reading, reading, reading…. almost more than ever – usually more for comfort than growth, even though as most of the book titles are on self-help/spirituality/healing the vague intention somewhere is to change things. A good metaphysical title can often be like a childhood fairy tale used to be for me: a great escape to another possibility. So I have to consciously remind myself that inner (and outer) change is possible or reading self-help becomes the personal development equivalent of watching fitness DVDs:). But just now and then  something rubs off……  a tipping point happens through sheer volume of reading the same stuff in different guises, and I seem to be living an idea rather than just reading about it from a distance like a story in someone else’s life I have no hope of emulating.

So it has come to pass that the practice of Ho’oponopono has become a big part of my life.  With the help of many authors. For me, I can’t just read one book on a topic for positive change to happen: it has to be many angles on the same theme – I have to thoroughly dowse myself in words, absorbing the ones that resonate for me. It’s a law of averages thing. It’s like I can’t really believe and accept something as valid and true for me unless I have the evidence that it’s working for lots of other people already.

With Ho’oponopono, how Joe Vitale brought the astounding miracles of Dr Hew Len’s healing experiences to the mainstream attention should have been evidence enough itself, in the simple efficacy of the beautiful four-phrase mantra: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. I used the phrases on and off for years but never consistently. I usually stopped as a particular bad situation or personal crisis abated or righted itself. Knowing intuitively that using the phrases had worked, but then getting lazy and forgetting as I climbed just high enough to reenter familiar comfort zones. But never enough to effect a real or lasting change in my behaviours or strategies for getting by.

Then more recently events conspired to bring more than one challenge to cope with at once. Miraculously I remembered to say the phrases. Even better, I often sat down with a notebook and journaled about my situations, drilling down into current feelings and using the technique and question I’d read in Paul Jackson’s Ho’oponopono Secrets: Four Phrases to Change the World, One Love to Bind Them.


My previous lack of consistency with Ho’oponopono may have been due to a lack of focus. Dr Hew Len does advocate using the phrases without engaging with any particular emotion. That approach didn’t really work for me – I found that not much changed externally unless I had really understood inwardly what it was I sought my own forgiveness for.

Paul Jackson’s advice and teaching is first to identify the problem: “look at the situation we want to resolve and remind ourselves that it is not the person or situation that is the problem. It is our perception of them/it. Then ask yourself, what it is IN ME that is causing the problem?”

Actually writing this down somehow allows the subconscious to ‘answer’ the question. Info comes up that is revealed to you, stuff you mightn’t have noticed or seen before. Write it all down and you begin to see. Then and only then is it time to say the phrases. Say them until you feel the energy change or a sense of quietness, calm or peace emerge (The Peace of ‘I”).

There are many many great books out there now on the subject of Ho’oponopono, but I would definitely recommend this one as a great all-rounder. Not just for the breadth and depth of information and background knowledge, but for its down-to-earth and practical approach as to how to use the mantra and when. Yes using the Ho’oponopono phrases can cause miraculous results and changes but Paul’s book makes you fully realise that the miracle is created in the first place by a determination to look within and find what caused your problem in the first place. As Dr Len says, wherever there’s a problem, there you are:)

See you next time,


PS. For more info on ho’oponopono, please read “How to Self-Heal with Ho’oponopono” posted May 2012 .










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