A Whole Lot of Pisces at the New Moon!

There’s an especially lovely new moon at 21 degrees of Pisces on Monday March 11th at 19.52 GMT.

The days are lengthening (Lenten-time) and in times gone by, the first Spring flowers and bright greenery would appear when food supplies were at their lowest. Pisces and Lent are simultaneously associated with optimism and scarcity. So even as Cadbury crème eggs and hot cross buns are launched at us from every bend and turn, we’re wired through ancestry and DNA to .pare back, slim down and make a space inside for the new-ness of Spring.

As Pisces is the last of the signs and signals the end of Winter, it naturally attunes us to healing and forgiveness. On Monday, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Pisces’ own ruler, Neptune will all line up in Pisces. That’s a whole lot of Pisces, folks!, – giving your new moon wishes and affirmations an extra bit of magic and fairy dust.


All those planets in Pisces means that we’ll be tuned into spirit rather than intellect. Decision-making is intuitive in Pisces and we are more open-hearted. It’s a great time for art projects, writing, healing and composing. It’s a great time to allow yourself to be in-spired and to give up whatever makes you feel dis-spirited.  Creating depth of experience, healing emotional bonds, discovering intimacy and spirituality are all themes for new moon wishes.

The truth is that we’re great big spiritual beings in  tidgy little physical bodies. Most of the time, we go around thinking that we’re just a body. We identify with our physical health or limitations, our diets, exercise regimes (or lack of them), all the while knowing that it can’t be all there is to us because we constantly sense the swelling or diminishing of our spirit. The New Moon at Pisces time is an opportunity to notice what makes our spirit grow bigger and to follow that direction so we can be more fully who we’re meant to be.


Whilst Pisces is gentle, it takes no prisoners. This is the sign that reminds us that in order to live in the now, flowing with an inspired new vision, we must recognize, heal and dissolve the thoughts and beliefs keeps us stuck in the past or worried about the future. Pisces –time is review-time.

Affirmations and Wishes

  • Just Notice, don’t Judge.

Whilst it’s a good time to review, don’t judge yourself or entertain thoughts that make you feel bad: they are the voice of Ego dragging you away from the present. Living in Ego, we re-hash past thoughts and construct future scenarios that create worry and uncertainty. Guilt (worry about the past) and anxiety (worry about the future) are ruled by Ego. The present or the ‘now’ is ruled by Divine Intelligence/ God or Universal Consciousness and is the only place we can make changes.

  • Be in the Present

Our Inner Piscean can make us nostalgic, dreamy and stuck in the past. Create your affirmations or wishes in the Present tense so that when you say them, they are stated in the now and stated as ‘fact’ – do this even if you can’t quite yet believe in your affirmation! State your new wishes as ‘facts’ to naturally brings your individual vibration to a higher creative level. At this higher level, it’s easier  and effortless to attract and magnetize all the good things you would wish for yourself.

  • Use ‘I am’ to your benefit

The words ‘I Am That I Am,’ which mean ‘I am in everything, anywhere and everywhere you look’, are said to be the name of God. Thus the true meaning of ‘taking the name of God in vain’. Being raised Catholic, we were taught that saying the word ‘God’ itself was a sin, which never made any sense to me! I do remember being constantly worried for anyone who said it though, (which was pretty much everyone) just in case they were reduced to rubble immediately.

  •  Create Only Positives

Use the Creative ‘I am’ phrase to create positives: I am happy, I am in perfect health, I am safe, I am secure, I am a source of abundance. Notice when you say stuff like ‘I am sick and tired, I am fed up, I am a….. (you fill in the blank!), that you’re still being creative, just not in a way you’d want. So without beating yourself up about it, just decide to change  the phrase to something more positive or more in line with how you really want to be. Remember you are quite literally creating the experiences of your life with the’ I am’ phrase.

  • Self-Heal.

When I notice my ego is getting the upper hand and keeping me in a fearful, doubting or dis-spiriting place, I do a spot of ho’oponopono: I say thank you. I say thank you because just noticing a negative perception in itself is an opportunity to dissolve an old memory and delete its emotional hold. Gratitude has a high vibration too and can quickly bring you back into the present. You can also say I’m sorry if you want (for whatever it is in me that created this in my experience – you don’t need to know what it was/is), and I Love You is a lovely way of acknowledging both the Inner Child or subconscious power house that faithfully ‘brings’ whatever you’re ‘asking’ for, as well as the Higher Self that does the healing. Acknowledgement allows a flow of movement to begin again.

  • You are Spirit.


You are an individualized extension of the All That Is, here to realize Who You Are! It is in you and you are in it. It/ God/Divine Energy works through you when you align yourself with it. When you align yourself with this Creative Intelligence through positive affirmation, you raise your vibration naturally (feeling better, more positive, more confident, more in Love, more able to see and be Truth). Whatever you ‘order’ from the Universe that has this high vibration of joy, enthusiasm and confidence is your strength and yours to have. It is already yours, you just have to state your Truth.


Example Pisces New Moon Wishes


I am in God and God is in me

I am a Spiritual Being in a human body having a human experience

Universal Intelligence is constantly creating through my thoughts and words.

I am a creative Being, inspired by Universal Intelligence to be the best version of me I can be.

I create only goodness, love, kindness and positivity with the words I speak.

I am loving, forgiving and compassionate and I claim the peace that is mine already.



With love for a creative, healing and inspirational Pisces New Moon!






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