New Moon Dawning in Aquarius

The new Moon in Aquarius 2013 occurs at 7.20am GMT on February 10th and heralds the Chinese New Year, so Happy New Year or Gong Xi Fa Cha!

At this time of the year we’re tired of Winter: many folk in the Northern hemisphere suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD but true…), so the new Aquarian themes which are seeded into this new moon cycle help us look forward to lighter, longer, warmer days to come.

Aquarius is ruled by the maverick planet Uranus and is associated with individualism, progressive ideas and technology. The discovery of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto was synchronous with new developments in mankind. Each outer planet represents a new wave of consciousness that ‘coincided’ with new discoveries and eras in science, art, technology, industry and medicine. After all, we cannot ‘discover’ or ‘see’ something ‘out there’ until we have the inner consciousness or awareness to do so.
Around the time that Sir William Hershel officially discovered Uranus (someone else had actually spotted it years before), there was revolution in the air: old orders were collapsing and new ones emerging with both the French Revolution and American Independence around this time as well as the birth of the so-called Age of Reason or Enlightenment. Amazing new approaches driven by progressive thinking grew up and seeded the beginnings of the Aquarian Age.

Thus Uranus in the birth chart describes our personal ‘revolution’ – how we express our uniqueness, individuality and originality as well as how we want to live – our societal and political values.
Smaller cycles reflect and correspond with bigger ones in this universe, so this is a good time of year to be inventive, get new ideas going and find creative ways to express who you are in all your unique glory! It’s about how you can be yourself whilst also serving others: your purpose, your true calling and your ability to forge a unique path in life.

What I love about Aquarian folk is they dare to be 100% themselves. It’s not even an option – Aquarians can’t help being different. They march to the beat of a different drummer but not with the intent of upsetting anyone: it’s just in them to find their own way, dress in clothes that might look wrong on anyone else but are quirky, cool and ultra on-trend on them, making witty, clever observations that can only come out of a highly individualized and un-conditioned-by-anyone-or-anything-else mind.

All of Creation conspires to encourage you to find your inner Aquarian right now. Find your soul’s delights, honour you idiosynchratic little foibles, appreciate your favourite things and take time to notice what makes you smile. Maybe choose a favourite bowl for your Weetabix, say hello to some newly emerging snowdrops you forgot you planted 5 years ago or download a song you’d forgotten you love onto your ipod.

In the after-Christmas time of Capricorn when Saturn’s influence is at large we’re suddenly hit with reality. Back-to-workitis hits us hard and life takes a tough line for a while. Uranus- ruled Aquarius time gives the energy to move forward again instead of feeling stuck or being dragged back into the mire.

Here are a few thoughts to help you rediscover the joy of your individuality…..

  • Affirm: I take time to remember and express my child-like and playful self.
  • List the things you used to enjoy doing as a child, your hobbies, interests, passions and things you’d do if left to your own devices rather than the things you had to do to get along with others.
  • Look at your surroundings and notice your style, the colours you like, the kind of art or clothing you like. If you feel uninspired, maybe it’s time to think about what you’d like instead.
  • Which films do you love and why? What’s your all-time favourite and what values does it resonate with in you? What moves you to tears, makes you smile inwardly or fills you with joy when you bring it to mind? Anything that evokes emotion in you is a massive seam of information about your uniqueness and what makes you you!
  • Discover your unique temperament at – take a free online 10minute test to find your Jungian ‘type’, then put your result into a google search to find dozens of great sites that will tell you all about your strengths and areas for development.
  • What kind of work do you love? What’s your favourite kind of task at work? Does your work satisfy you beyond the reward of payment?
    What does change mean to me? Is it an exciting prospect or just plain scary?
  • If change feels too challenging, what help might be needed to feel supported and safe whilst making the necessary changes?

It’s the Chinese Year of the Snake, and during the coming two weeks until the full Moon, noisy celebrations take place to chase away demons and invite in good health and prosperity for the coming year. The year of the snake is one that is associated with reflective contemplation and preparation for change, so may your new affirmations and intentions chase away old fears and invite in more and more of your ability to express your unique self.

year of the snake


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