Happy New Moon

On January 11th at 7.44pm., the New Moon in Capricorn makes this New Year 2013 official and alive. Capricorn is all about building success through the creation of strong foundations. Foundations are fundamental to Capricorn themes : the rather odd goat-fish is a steady, pragmatic hybrid creature, erring on the side of caution and avoiding unnecessary risks. No stone is left unturned in creating a safe platform for the mountainous heights it can climb to.

But do you know what you’re building?

We’re always building and creating something, even if we’re not aware of it, whether what we’re building is an eyesore or a Taj Mahal. We build with the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Over Christmas and New Year I, (like almost everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere), had flu. I felt rubbish for two weeks and my thoughts were correspondingly dismal, gloomy and negative. I wallowed way too comfortably in the mire and before I knew it, felt myself descending into the pits of despair. Gloom and doom in my little pea brain. Bah humbug.

stuck dog

Apparently we have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of them are the same ones we had yesterday and the day before. (This is not a good thing in my case). It’s not creative: we are merely re-running memories and mostly unconsciously, so we aren’t even aware of what we’re re running.
So I was saved from my inner Eyor by the three fairy godmothers: my Mum, my sister and finally my good friend, who all reminded me of what I need to do, of my resolution and commitment to myself. Wonderfully, they had been watching my mood plummet and pulled me out of the water before I started drowning in my own sorrows. New thoughts with better feelings required, but they have to be consciously formed and created with care.
As ever, I eventually remembered to remind myself of what I tell everyone else to do: I started to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to every nasty little jarring thought that popped into my head. Before long there was enough light to stop feeling sorry for myself and then enough to start looking outwards again and wondering about how I could share some Capricorn thoughts. (Some that aren’t just rainy and January-ish that is).

New Year
Capricorn time is for setting goals rather than resolutions. Resolve isn’t enough in matters of achievement, what’s needed is desire. Setting goals is good for the soul. It gets us out of a rut and into some new habits. New goals, no matter what they are, enable us to have new thoughts and better feelings. Finding a few things we really want to accomplish means we aligned the compass to our own North Star. Goals are different from resolutions by a long chalk.

Resolutions tend to be a set of new rules we set for ourselves based on what we think we ought to be doing. They are about correcting and improving some societal misdemeanor: eating, drinking, smoking or lazing around too much, so they are driven from the outside rather than from within, thus doomed to failure. Whereas true goals are driven from the inside and reflect our deepest values, long-held dreams and are full of personal meaning and purpose .
Looking back over goals you’ve set and already achieved in the last twelve months shows you how far you’ve come, giving a sense of progress. Each goal has a feeling tone. All goals are ultimately of the soul: we are always looking for ways to feel good, to soar and feel our best. Aligning with something we truly desire enables us to push ourselves to a new high. Goals have legs when they are aligned with values, so whatever you desire is desired simply because it aligns you emotionally with the current version of your best self.
So, the hardest part… what do you want? If this is a challenge, think first of what you don’t want and write it down. Then write the opposite of this to find out what you probably do want.
Think of what makes you feel good now and what has made you feel good in the past. All your favourites. These are good clues to your top values. Think of what gives you a little frisson of excitement, some joy, a feeling of reward, a gladness to be alive. They don’t have to be big things, but they do need to create within you a good warm buzzy feeling when you think of them. It is this good feeling, dwelled upon for seconds, minutes and even hours at a time, that brings up and raises your emotional tone. Raising the emotional tone (as Abraham-Hicks calls it) is what raises up your entire life to a new level. This alone is a great reason for setting goals.
Here’s how:
1. What do you Value?

Spend a few minutes thinking of what makes you feel good or what has made you feel good in the past. Doesn’t matter what, just write it all down. These will show you your values – the emotional reason behind any goal and what makes it achievable. Without a value, a goal isn’t going anywhere. You are shown clues by thinking of what you like to spend your time, money or energy on.

2. What do you want?

Think of a few things you haven’t done, that would be really nice to bring into your life. They don’t have to be ‘change the world’ things just yet (though they may turn into that in time).

3. Don’t resist.
It’s important is that you don’t have any feelings of resistance to whatever you want to do or achieve. There are two types of resistance: the type you can overcome with the right kind of support and the kind you can’t overcome even with a hundred or a thousand supporters cheering you on!
If you meet resistance in the form of fear, doubt or uncertainty – the kind of fear that means this goal takes you out of your comfort zone, then think of how you can find support for achieving your goal. A friend, a mentor, a coach can help you push through straightforward fear which is just a natural apprehension to doing what you haven’t tried before, but eminently easy to overcome with support.
If on the other hand, you meet resistance in the form of your own conscience, then most likely you are trying to resist an important value. If achieving your goal means that you would compromise important relationships, values or other existing goals, then this goal is not in alignment with your highest self or your best interests and needs to be re-thunk!

4. Find the right balance.
A good goal puts you somewhere between relaxed and challenged. The relaxed part enables you to daydream easily about how fabulous everything is with this goal in your life, tricking your body into a higher vibe RIGHT NOW and starting to attract the circumstances for you to magnetise all you need to achieve it. The challenging part enables you drum up the excitement and enthusiasm for the journey. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day and a good goal allows you to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

5. Make it fun.
If you like(though this isn’t necessary), you can make a vision board with images that conjure up your goal. Sometimes this type of thing can become more important than the goal itself though. Personally, I just like to write them down then pretty much forget about them: my subconscious is a little powerhouse and brings me exactly what I need without me having to do much.

6. Be specific.
Be specific in stating your desire and breaking down your goal into achievable timed segments. The more detailed you are the better your results: the subconscious loves details to get hold of.

7. Relax and allow.
.Don’t get too worried about the end result: goals sometimes change because life is constantly in motion. We don’t really know what’s best for us, we only think we do. If we can know this, we give our subconscious and superconscious Selves something to work on, knowing and allowing that Divinity will usually work through them to come up with something that we couldn’t imagine that’s even better.

Have YOU experienced a difference between setting yourself a resolution or a  true goal? All your comments welcome as ever……..

Blessings, schmessings and good goals to all (not yet totally out of humbugness)


2 thoughts on “Happy New Moon

  1. Denise Chilton

    I so look forward to reading your New Moon blogs, they always make me feel inspired and give me renewed hope in whatever I find myself dealing with at the time in question. Fabulous

    1. vickycoombes

      Thanks so much Denise! The blog is an opportunity to share, (like your own lovely newsletter:), but I do value any feedback or experiences of your own that connect to any of the subjects I blog about. Everything adds on and may help other people. Lots of love, V.xx

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