Make your Christmas Wishes for the Sag New Moon

The New Moon in Sagittarius for 2012 is on December 13th at 08.41.GMT.
Being unapologetically enthusiastic, Sagittarius is the most outgoing, optimistic and fun-loving of all the signs, so it’s the best time of year to make intentions based on optimism, faith, hope and self-belief.

And, if you like to make New Year resolutions, make them on Thursday Dec 13th from 8.41am onwards and the Moon’s new energy will help your resolutions grow beyond the New Year with Sagittarian faith.
Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius and as the largest planet in our solar system, it corresponds with our own largesse, bringing out the best of our abilities to think big (sometimes too enthusiastically as Jupiter is also extravagant and sometimes excessive) at this time of year. Jupiter is the generous, big-hearted and fun-loving god who attunes us to our instinct to encourage others, to give generously,  see the funny side and grasp the bigger picture.
Sagittarians have these qualities in spades but all of us have Jupiter in our birth charts and all of us have areas of life in which we seem to be naturally lucky, to land on our feet or can find a way of bringing joy to others.


Come to think of it, the ancient Roman Jupiter seems uncannily similar to a more recently mythologised god, known for his generosity, kindly good humour and corpulent contours…..

Father Christmas 2

Whether or not it’s true that he’s a cynical and commercial re-invention of the more pious Christmas figure of Saint Nicholas, we still love him. Father Christmas pulls our energy outwards, extending us into the world and towards one another, connecting us with children everywhere.

Christmas is the feast of the Child, and Father Christmas symbolises the benevolent parent in us who wants to give everything to their child. But in the desire to make Christmas outwardly perfect and ideal, we need to remind ourselves of the little Child within ourselves too, the One to whom we often show little faith.

The New Moon reminds us that generosity begins at home within ourselves and allowing our child the attention he or she so deserves, – putting aside for once whether we’ve been ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to experience our feelings (the language of the Child) without judgment.

Jupiter and Sagittarius themes include travel, freedom, asking for faith (Jupiter rules religion, prayer and higher guidance), finding solutions to long-standing problems, overcoming excesses and creating peace of mind.  So find what you need from within these themes (or something completely different if you have a specific current issue) to write and state your New Moon intentions.

As always, with intentions, do not force yourself to affirm what is not true for you. Be honest with where you are now and allow and accept any emotions or feelings that resist your affirmation. Intentions are not about ‘positive’ thinking, but rather self- exploration and acceptance. One step at a time often gets you to where you want faster than overnight success.

The New Moon time allows us to remember and connect to our heart, to our centre, to the feeling self that always ‘knows’.

In her book ‘Dying to be Me’, Anita Moorjani tells of her Near Death Experience, during which she entered a blissful and all-knowing state of pure consciousness, and where she could see that her conditioned beliefs and desire to please other people had catalysed her illness. In experiencing her true self for the first time in pure consciousness, she was able to allow her fears to fall away . She now lives in her Truth and allows herself to be who she is without  fear of the disapproval of others, and her book inspires others to do the same:

“Because of what I realised in my NDE (Near Death Experience), I feel it’s so important not to have judgment and fear toward myself. It’s not important whether I’m having a bad day or a bad week. It’s more important how I’m feeling about myself  while I’m facing this day or week. It’s about trusting the process even as I face a difficult time and not being afraid to feel anxiety, sadness, or fear, rather than suppressing everything until those emotions pass. It’s about allowing myself to be true to who I am. Because of this, the feelings will dissipate and occur less and less frequently.”
Anita shares the important message from first-hand knowledge and experience that it’s not the type of emotions we feel that matters. Emotions ebb and flow in us between anger, frustration, pride, joy and love and back again, sometimes within the space of a few hours. What matters is to allow our emotions to flow through without being suppressed. Judging our feelings and emotions as good or bad is what creates inner conflict and sets us against ourselves, against our Inner Child. We often curse our Selves, belittling or ignoring our experiences, ‘beat ourselves up’ or avoid being honest about what we feel. All of these are ways of keeping the True Self away.

So find yourself a moment of stillness in all the busy-ness at the Christmas New Moon . What will connect your inner fairy lights? Who is your own ‘lowly child in the manger’ waiting to be recognised with faith?

Sagittarius New Moon wishes may go along the lines of:
‘I find it increasingly easy to build faith and trust in myself by creating a loving relationship with my feeling/emotional self or Inner Child.
‘I let my emotions be whatever they are and thank them for giving me information. I allow them to be what they are so they can easily dissolve and lose their power to hurt me’
‘I can easily see now that emotions are memories that come up so I can notice them. Like listening to a child, once they have told me their ‘story’ and have had my attention, they are happy and healed and go off to play again.’
‘ Just because I don’t like a feeling or am uncomfortable with an emotion, there’s no point in having an argument with it… I don’t want to be mean to myself anymore than I would be mean to my own child’
‘When I am kind and loving as a parent should be, my Child is happy and so am I’.


Wishing you peace and love for your Self this Christmas,





1)For more information about how to wish on the New Moon, see  previous blog posts or New Moon Astrology, Jan Speers.

2)Dying to be Me, Anita Moorjani.

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