Wise up to a Potent Scorpio New Moon

The new Moon in Scorpio for 2012 is November 13th 22.08hrs GMT. A total solar eclipse amplifies the potent Scorpio energy allowing us to connect with Soul and  let go of what may be impeding its progress.

Scorpio time reminds me of one of my all-time favourite films, Meet Me in St Louis, and the priceless scene with then child- star Margaret O’Brien, who played ‘Tootie’ Smith and Mr Neely the Iceman who was taking her home.

Tootie was (like all of us) simultaneously fascinated and frightened by illness, dying and death, and dramatically acted out her feelings about it in make-believe games. Famously she talked about her favourite doll to Mr Neely the Iceman… (you need a deep-southern drawl and a lisp for this)

‘Poor Margeretha, I’ve never seen her look so pale. I suspect she won’t live through the night, she has four fatal diseases. But she’s going to have a beautiful funeral, in a cigar box my Papa gave me, all wrapped up in silver paper.’

Scorpio is where we come face to face with personal fears and taboos. It says you’re never more alive than when you’re on the point of death, whether that be a physical, emotional, mental or social circumstance.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Nature acts out decay with fallen leaves and bare branches. Scorpio- time hosts all the festivals, rites and rituals of dying, death and transition of Spirit from the visible to the invisible realms and back again, from Hallowee’n, All Saints and All Souls Days to Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day.  We’re reminded of how thin and fragile is the line between Life and Death.

To me, there can be a magic here cos if we have to deal with demons it means we’re closer to angels too.  Prayers are spoken, answers heard. Scorpio emotions are heightened: Love might be all there is, but Fear looks a bit too real sometimes!

Scorpio energy is like this: intense, deep and focussed. In its opposite sign of Taurus, Nature grows up and out. In Scorpio, energy moves down and inwards.

Scorpio is ruled in astrology by planet Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, recently relegated by Astronomy to being a mere asteroid of little significance, but in my experience nothing could be further from the truth. Pluto in evolutionary astrology represents the Soul, the deepest most unconscious and yet most powerful and creative part of us.  Wherever Pluto is in the birth chart, its house, aspects and relationship with the nodes of the Moon tells the story of the Soul. Scorpio-time reminds us that an occasional journey down under is part of the natural order of things, bringing info and insight from the depths.

We all have our personal brushes with the Underworld, whether through the illness or death of a loved one or a personal crisis. On Christmas Eve 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer by a very apologetic Radiologist (- apologetic only after I asked him why he had to tell me on Christmas Eve when I still had sprouts to buy and a family lunch to produce the next day). Fatal diseases were not on my radar til that moment: I didn’t even get colds let alone cancer. The hyper-moments that followed turned what he was saying into cotton wool and white noise, connecting me through cold hard fear to some softer deeper part of my Being. I could see he was talking but was transported somewhere I couldn’t hear. There was an unexpected stillness in the middle of turmoil, making  me conscious of another Self : there was something else in me, alert and still  in working order (probably the part that had sent me for a mammogram in the first place – I ‘m very slack about medical matters as have always been afraid of doctors, machinery, needles and disinfectant).

Knowing who we are enables us to find Scorpio’s other, more mysterious association – the true intimacy of the soul mate relationship, in Celtic lore, the so-called Anam Cara: the one to whom you entrust your Soul.

This new moon, take special care of your Soul.

Begin with You

  • Be a soul-mate to yourself in your Scorpio affirmations.
  • Clear out any  clothes or belongings you no longer use or need. More physical space equals more mental space.
  • Give true love to yourself with your own Truth. Give yourself sweetness, warmth and peace. In doing so you may come across a sense of the soul-mate within, the One who is FOR you, who loves you without conditions no matter what. Connect with your heart and Love in the outer world appears in new ways.
  • Our culture is obsessed with finding the soul mate and expects to find one like a designer outfit.  The soulmate  is not a shopping item but a sacred contract to witness one another’s Soul journey with love and full acceptance. In the words of poet Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (1820- 1887)” Oh the comfort – the inexpressible comfort, of feeling safe with a person – having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them out’’?

Are You Living Your Soul’s Purpose?

  • What makes you feel alive? Where do you express your Soul’s purpose?
  • How far away from your Self have you strayed?
  • You are here to express the longings of your soul and work is the most direct way we can do that. When we compromise the ‘Sole Purpose’ we are weakened.

For myself, I knew I had moved too far away from my Soul. My mind had taken over with rules, analysis, and negative thought-feelings. I asked to come back to myself. It seemed impossible as I no longer knew who I was, but was willing to find out. Progress is revealed little by little like the card of The Hermit in the tarot whose lamp lights just enough of the way ahead for him to make steady progress towards the Light.

Forgive Yourself Everything

  • Who and what do you need to forgive? Remember that forgiveness is for giving – to ourselves and letting go of anything that keeps us stuck.
  • You are an individual expression of the Universal Intelligence or God. God put you here to be You in the most creative and beautiful way possible.
  • In medical astrology, Scorpio rules the bowels and energy releases and eliminates easily if we let it. Forgiveness is just about releasing what’s toxic to us: it cleans and erases emotional wounds and in the simple phrases I love you, thank you, I forgive you, offered up to any difficult or challenging emotion or situation it transmutes death into life.

Love alone is capable

Of uniting living beings in such a way

As to complete and fulfil them,

For it alone takes them

And joins them

By what is deepest in themselves.

                                                     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

Namaste is a greeting that means ‘the Soul in me sees the Soul in yo’u, so I wish you Namaste this new moon as it helps you uncover your connection to Self.

With love


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