Attracting Your Good with Meditation

I’m definitely not an expert on meditation,  but after lots of start-stop attempts with various techniques and teachings over many years of trying, I’ve recently found a technique that I seem to be sticking with. I’m not saying this is the right way for you, but I’m sharing my ‘findings’ with you and hope it helps you find your way too!

There is surely a quiet place within all of us that is a well-spring of Truth, Beauty, Health and Prosperity. This well-spring is Reality if we were but to know it. In getting to know and trust its Presence, we may come to know it as our supply of everything good.

Instead however, reality seems to be outside of us, and we reach out to the world experienced through our senses believing it to be where we have to go to get what we need. In the world outside of us, including the world of our body, we may experience lack, scarcity or negativity, depending on the personal filter of beliefs and past conditioning we hold in our body-world as our version of ‘reality’.

Our minds are part of an unlimited ocean of consciousness, the formless substance of Creation. This unlimited ocean has been called many names:  Universal Intelligence, the Mind of God, Zero Point Field to name but a few. We are each individual drops of this unending ocean of consciousness.

As such, we too have access to the formless substance of creation which we imprint with thoughts: around 65,000 of them every day. Our thoughts travel outwards into the world, fragmenting and dissipating our awareness. Because of this, we become divided. Our thoughts divide the self into many different identities which compete with each other for control. Eventually we become drained with the effort of sustaining this inner competition and we experience various extreme emotions, the most common of which are fear and anger. We are overloaded with sensory stimuli, our direction and desire made impotent through dissipation of focus.

In time, this state of being causes our energy to drop to a lower frequency where we are unable to solve our problems or to attract better conditions.

Albert Einstein said ‘ Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them’

Echoing and building on this idea in ‘The Method’, Scott Soloff teaches that:

Life is Consciousness

To get out of any difficulty the only thing we have to do is rise in consciousness.

Meditation gathers and refocuses consciousness into a single stream of awareness. This enables us to rise in consciousness sufficiently to dissolve worries and problems effortlessly and begin to attract better conditions effortlessly and without any ‘outlining’ through the Law of Attraction.

Soloff’s method of meditation shows how to reverse the usual direction of our awareness. He tells us:

’By concentrating and focussing inwards we have the opportunity to gather our awareness instead of dispersing it. We forge the selves into a single unit. We create detachment instead of attachment. Emotions come under control. The mind obeys its master’

In reversing the direction of our awareness in meditation, withdrawing the sensory nerve that travels outwards, we can eradicate negative thoughts and feelings and rise in consciousness.

‘The Method’ is:

Enter the Silence through repetition of a prayer or mantra


Realisation (Knowing)

Demonstration (Manifestation of good)

The repetition of a prayer is the same as no sensory input at all. Many meditation methods use mantras and some techniques such as Transcendental Meditation (TM) choose a personal mantra of special significance for each individual. The Method is similar and just requires that you choose your own mantra or prayer, preferably one that is already well-used and has a high-vibration.

The Lord’s Prayer or ‘Aum’ are good examples but a few well-chosen words of your own (NOT words such as ‘calm’ or ‘peace’ as are sometimes recommended, but words that connect you to your personal divinity). Repeating the mantra acts like an anchor that dives inwardly through layers of the mind, breaking up unprocessed thoughts, feelings and impressions.

Ideally, also repeat your mantra through the day, especially while doing routine activities where your mind can wander.

The ‘Secret’ as well as most other Law of Attraction books that promise the fulfilment of every desire, don’t mention that when you’re feeling down or negative, it’s impossible to magnetise anything. Meditation allows you to raise your vibrational tone effortlessly and return to a state of focussed clear intent.

Meditation is not a way of becoming ‘spiritual’, it’s a technique for becoming a fully functioning human. Practiced and taught by all of the great Masters throughout time from Buddha to Jesus to Mohammed, it shows us how to access the well of goodness and supply within every one of us to enable clear focussed thinking, emotional stability and physical well-being.

Scott Soloff makes reference to a piece of advice from Jesus that I’ve read in many other metaphysical books: ‘But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you’. Soloff is at pains to state that he is not religious and I agree with him that this advice is not ‘religious’ but technical. What Jesus is telling us that meditation – focussing attention inwards towards our Source energy instead of outwards towards the world, enables us to build strength, dissolve difficulties and become the person we’re meant to be.

My own experience with ‘The Method’ is still relatively new, but even after 6 weeks or so of (mostly!) sustained practice, I’m definitely feeling the benefits, mainly so far through a distinct lessening of my tendency to worry. There is more of a feeling of open space in my mind that feels relaxed.

My tips to add to Scott Soloff’s Method (please read any of his stuff if you get the opportunity), are firstly, when you start to repeat your prayer, raise the inner volume of your voice slightly so it’s a bit louder than any thoughts that are trying to intrude. Secondly, use the prayer as a way of relaxing your body. Move through all the layers of your body with the prayer –all its little feelings, aches or pains,  tingles and itches to relax every part of yourself until you no longer have awareness of your body. This repetitive relaxing using your mantra will take you through the layers of your body-mind to the Silence within where the magic happens .Good Luck with your meditation practice and please persist with it, even if you miss a couple of day, go back and start again.

1)      Scott Soloff, The Method: How to Apply the Law of Attraction

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