Old Habits Die Hard …..(except at the Virgo New Moon)


Coaching feelings is about making our lives better by creating better habits little by little, day by day: whether the habits are thoughts, emotions or actions.

The New Moon in Virgo on Sunday September 16th at 2.11am GMT is the perfect opportunity to change habits for the better incrementally, as Virgo rules routines, diet, exercise, health regimes, work projects, efficiency and planning, positive focus and discernment. We can also dissolve Virgo tendencies to overanalyse, nit-pick, worry and criticise.

Not for nothing is Virgo the beginning of the school and college year, as goal-setting itself is highlighted at this time of the year. Virgo is associated with the business of everyday work and how we go about it.

We all want to create improvements in our lives and to get rid of our problems and bad habits. Evidence of that has been seen in the recent mania for ‘The Secret’ and Law of Attraction material in general.

Yet the problem most of us seem to have had is that after an initial wave of enthusiasm or burst of success with the LOA, we give up, lose heart, think we must be doing it wrong or believe it to be a load of rubbish.

To me, as one who’s read practically every LOA book ever written, most are over simplified, based on ‘magical’ thinking and tend to miss out a stage that’s emphasised in coaching as the most important of all: taking action to support your intention.

So it was refreshing to come across author and teacher Scott Soloff and his ‘Method’, which combines two Virgo themes in one: creating a daily practice for raising consciousness levels at the same time as decreasing anxiety, stress and self-doubt.

….I’ve been giving The Method a go for around a month now and despite a few start-stops and missing a few days here and there, it’s making a big difference in many subtle and some not-so-subtle ways, to how I feel and the way I’ve been experiencing things.

Scott Soloff is based in Philadelphia, USA and has been teaching how to apply the law of attraction for around 40 years. At the moment his books are only available on Kindle or via a Kindle app on smart phones, but failing that, you can get most of the material from his blog: http://lawofattractionseries.com.

He writes concisely and pulls no punches in getting his point across, so it’s entertaining as well as informative, but if you can’t find the time, here’s a basic 10 point gist of what Scott has to say about the Law of Attraction, and his teaching about how to apply it.

‘The reason that the Secret or the Law of Attraction works is because it is God (or your Higher Self, Divine Intelligence’ that accomplishes the work – NOT YOU! The Method allows you to get out of your own way and permits the Higher Power/Self to work in your life.’

What you’re doing here is bringing your awareness or focus of attention away from the outer world which fragments your energy and weakens you over time, and inwards towards your Inner Self, which strengthens and allows you to ‘know’ where all your good comes from.

  1. Choose a prayer or mantra – the older the better as the more times a prayer has been put into the ether, the more power and vibration it has. Good examples would be The Lord’s Prayer or the Eastern mantra ‘Aum’. If you want to keep it very simple you might want to say something like ‘God is with me’ or if you are non-religious you could say ‘I am always connected to Divine Intelligence’. As long as you’re happy with it, it doesn’t really matter.
  2. Stick to whichever prayer or mantra you choose: always say the same one, as saying it becomes a signal to your consciousness that you are focussing inwards and away from the outer world.
  3. First thing in the morning and then later in the day, perhaps the evening (but not when you’re really tired), find a place to sit with your back straight, place both feet on the floor (have to admit I sometimes do it sitting up in bed and that seems to be OK – probably not ‘correct’ but hey), close your eyes and relax. Take 15- 20 minutes to begin with and try to build it up.
  4. Relax, say your mantra silently in your head and just keep doing it. Relax into the repetitive rhythm and allow yourself to lose the feeling of having a body. If you start thinking about ‘outer’stuff (which your mind will do, cos that’s what it does), just become aware of that and come back to your mantra.
  5. Relax, relax, relax.
  6. Eventually you will experience a ‘change in gear’ (as Soloff calls it)– something inside seems suddenly to go quiet is how I experience it. This is what has been called the Silence, the Presence or the Stillness. Sometimes you don’t find it at all, sometimes it’s just for a minute or two, sometimes longer.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen on the first attempt. Persist. It could happen tomorrow, or next month, but have faith in your Inner Self which is there waiting for you.
  7. In the ‘Silence’, you can make an affirmation: make a general affirmation that’s based on ultimate Truth rather than for specific things you want. Your Inner Self knows what’s best for you, so make your affirmation along the lines of ‘God is perfect Love’  (if you’re affirming for love ), ‘God is the supply of all my good and all my abundance’ (if you’re affirming for money or abundance).
  8. Keep it general and don’t outline specific desires.
  9. In time you will come to a Realisation. A realisation is basically an inner recognition or knowing that your affirmation has been ‘heard’ and will find form in the outer world.
  10. Sooner or later, your Realisation is experienced as a ‘demonstration’ or manifestation of your good.

Good luck if you give the Method a go   – let me know your experiences with it.

The difference between this teaching and many others I’ve read is that there is a recognition that our Inner Self knows and supplies all our good: there’s no need with this to even have a specific goal or to worry that you’ve made a wrong choice. Scott Soloff does warn that sometimes things may get worse before they get better, but that this will help us find our right place.

Meditation has to be one of the healthiest practices to learn as part of a daily routine, so I wish you luck in Virgo time and hope you create some great new habits that make life run a little smoother.

1) Scott Soloff, ‘The Method – How to Apply the Law of Attraction’

One thought on “Old Habits Die Hard …..(except at the Virgo New Moon)


    Thank you lovely Vicky Im going to give it a go. We have to do mantra throughout this unit and my mantra is AUM surprisingly enough. The only problem is keeping it up, I find that I start off well then run out of time some days even though doing it first thing in the morning sets me up for the rest of the day and I do feel good, So commitment must be high on my goal for meditation.                                                           love Rita xxx 

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