Crabby New Moon


The New Moon in Cancer 2012 is on Thursday July 19th at 5.24am.

New Moons give us a fresh start and a new beginning. People often ask about the Full Moon, probably because the Moon is at the height of her power and massive in the evening sky. In the dark of the black moon where we are right now, we don’t look up because there’s no moon visible. The dying cycle mirrors that we’re in a meditative, reflective mood, winding up the previous month and starting to look ahead to themes concordant with the moon’s new sign.

Although next week we move into Leo, the month’s wishes and affirmations concern Cancerian ruled themes and so you will find yourself most easily making progress and succeeding in any goals to do with your deepest self.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon herself and associated in astrology with the shy, defensive home-loving Crab. The Crab carries its home on its back. It cares for its soft inner self by retreating into the hard shell, resourceful and defensive when necessary.  Never moving in a straight line toward its goal, it scuttles cautiously in sideways ‘sly fox’ manoeuvres.

The Crab is a metaphor for the soul and the way we protect its vulnerability from intrusion. Growing this very deepest part of ourselves in safety can be tricky and definitely requires intermittent sideways manoeuvres. Rarely can we sense direct progress.


This month, wishes and affirming for matters to do with nurturing security, emotional closeness, self-protection, family, home, parenting in general and mothering in particular, financial security, belonging, feelings and the physical healing of breasts, chest, stomach and tumours are all relevant themes.

The following may help you organise your thoughts in time to state your wishes up to eight hours after the new moon for the most powerful effect. Up to 48 afterwards will still give good results.

  • Remember to write down your wishes by hand and then speak them aloud to create the most powerful vibratory effect that will enable them to manifest most easily.
  • Writing by hand connects your inner world with the outer, much more than using a keyboard could ever do. Speaking and giving voice to your wishes then allows what has previously remained un-manifest into conscious awareness.
  • The more you’re connected to your wishes with feeling (wishing from the heart rather than the head), the more fuelled they are by emotional ‘juice’ and the faster they manifest..Half-hearted wishes, wishes that are unclear or that you have ambiguous feelings about will bring mixed results. If at the end of a month when you look back at your previous wishes, there are some that aren’t happening, ask yourself what your beliefs are about bringing them into manifestation. It could be that you’re not ready for a particular thing, or that you don’t really believe it can happen. If so, there are plenty of techniques that can help you shift old beliefs that are now self-defeating and unhelpful..
  • Manifestation follows intention, and the feeling behind your wish colours the outcome. Wish for whatever is in your own best interests ‘and harm none’ as wiccans say.
  •  Once you’ve written and stated your wishes, you don’t have to keep doing it – let nature take its course. If you want to revisit or restate them, it’s up to you, but wishing on the New Moon is a slightly different technique than making affirmations in which it’s recommended to use them more prescriptively as a way of overriding subconscious conditioning.
  • With Moon wishes, we’re harnessing natural rhythms to bring subconscious material to the surface (dark of the moon), then bringing light to what has previously only been underground. The subconscious only allows what is safe for us to know and experience to come to the surface.
  • Some sample wishes:


‘ I want to easily attract and recognise and buy the ideal happy home for me’

‘ I want to find myself more and more feeling secure, happy and safe in my home’


‘I want to feel more and more connected to my ‘soul’ family, the kindred spirits who make me feel at home with myself’

‘ I want to easily feel I belong and that my deepest self is accepted and supported’

‘ I want to easily feel an ever- increasing inner sense of security, contentedness and  joy’


‘I want to easily find myself experiencing a mutually caring, loving relationship with others’

‘I want to easily find myself co-creating intimacy in a way that’s healthy for me’

‘I want to easily know it’s safe for me to be open and vulnerable with others.’


‘I want to easily find myself creating a stable financial base for myself’

‘I want to easily find myself finding the ways to protect myself appropriately’

‘I want to know it’s safe to communicate my need for financial stability to others’


‘ I want to easily find myself safe and supported to move out of unwholesome situations’

‘I want to effortlessly let go of old conditioning that stops me from moving forward in my life’


I want to find myself able to consciously and consistently communicate my true feelings in responsible appropriate ways.


‘I want to let go of the habit of clinging on where it would be better to let go ’

‘When caution interferes with my success I want to let go of excess hesitation’

‘ I want all insecurity totally lifted from me’

‘I want all fear of rejection lifted from me’


I want all self-destructive patterns and habits around food to be lifted from me’

‘ I want total awareness of the habits that stop me from 100% well-being’

‘I want to easily find myself having quality time with my mothe.

‘I want to easily find myself having the conversations with my mother that nurtures mutual understanding’.

‘I want to easily find myself taking care of myself as well as others.

Good luck in all your wishes and may all your crabby moments pass by quickly!

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