That Gemini June Feeling


There’s a second new Moon in Gemini this month – a second bite at the Gemini cherry!

So on Tuesday June 19th from 15.03 BST and up to two days afterwards, you can make some more Gemini-themed wishes. The idea – as in everything to do with coaching your feelings- , is to get a good feeling going with whatever you ask for – it’s a magical thing, so make it fun and light hearted for yourself. Include fairies as it’s nearly Midsummer.

If you haven’t already, re-read the wishes you made at the last New Moon and see which ones have borne fruit. Unlike normal affirmations, wishes don’t have to be stated more than once, you can just write and say them once, preferably at the most powerful time (up to 8 hours from the time of the New Moon) but up to two days after will still work.

In ‘New Moon Astrology’ Jan Spiller says not to give up on wishes that haven’t happened immediately, but to look at purifying that part of your life or personality that is causing the resistance.

Gemini ‘rules’ areas of life such as short trips, factual information, the Internet, writing, speaking, social skills, neighbours and acquaintances. Physically Gemini rules hands, arms and shoulders, hay fever, breathing and the nervous system.

Wishes can be for calming anxiety as Gemini is associated with restless mental energy – where we might be overthinking in any area of life, worrying but perhaps not taking action. We could wish for easily finding ourselves able to let go of anxiety in particular areas, or easily able to feel calm and take the right action.

Jan recommends using phrases like ‘I want to easily find myself………’ or ‘I want to experience…….’.

The use of the phrase ’I want’ seems opposite to other ways of stating goals. It’s usually advised to state goals as if they’re already true, so ‘I now have…..’ instead of ‘I want….’, but New Moon affirmations are different and wishing rather than ‘stating’ or affirming is allowed!

Remember you’re using nature to help you along here, so trust and let go with the attitude that you only have to ask and then wait to receive the results.

You’re creating what you really want  from the feeling-quality of your thoughts, so give yourself a little time to feel into it before you take the plunge. Make sure you’re planting seeds for flowers you like.

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