Transit of Venus the Love Planet



On June 5th /6th 2012 there is a Transit of Venus, an astronomical event that heralds a sea-change in consciousness. Venus is said to be the higher octave sister planet of Earth, thus she is associated with Love, Beauty and Abundance.

The Transits of Venus occur in pairs spaced 8 years apart and this is the second part of the cycle that began in 2004. The last pair of transits completed in 1882, so this is a once in a lifetime occurrence.   Although Venus is tiny in comparison to the mass of the Sun, she is visible just after sunset on the 5th and just after sunrise on the 6th. The Transit is immediately preceded by an eclipse of the Moon when the Sun, Moon, Earth and Venus align in the heavens.

Venus is the only female deity in our solar system. Esoterically she represents the Divine Feminine and astrologically, the goddess of love, beauty, harmony, creativity and abundance. She is Queen of the Heaven, the brightest light we can see in the sky, appearing either at sunrise as the Morning Star (Luciferus) or at sunset as the Evening Star (Vesperus).

Coincidentally, on June 4th 2012 hundreds of beacons will be lit on high points across Great Britain to honour the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2nd

Such a rare cosmic event seems to have a meaning beyond the astronomy: we want to understand it in other more imaginative and broader terms too.

In days gone by, astronomy and astrology were one subject or discipline: new  knowledge and cosmic discoveries converged with meaning and purpose to satisfy every part of our human experience.

But over many centuries and with great finality during the so-called Age of Reason the two subjects were split, and science ( maths, science, philosophy and analysis) took precedence over meaning (religion, art, mythology and synthesis ), claiming a victory for knowledge and information at the expense of understanding and intuitive wisdom. 

Ever since then we have struggled to honour our feminine, intuitive side at great expense to our soul’s fulfilment and connection with purpose.  We had elevated God and demeaned Goddess, gaining intellectual and scientific prowess whilst devaluing our imagination and heart.  

In Astrology there is no such thing as coincidence: everything in this universe corresponds to everything else that is happening within the hologram of time and space, every little thing is connected, meaningful and imbued with a purpose.

Queen of Heaven is a title that has been used in connection with every important female deity throughout the ages, from Egyptian Isis and Roman Venus to the Catholic Our Lady. How synchronous then that we are honouring the’ Queen of the Earth’ at the same time as witnessing the Queen of Heaven with our own eyes.

Venus is also associated with the Rose, as the kaleidoscope geometry she makes in her orbit around the Sun with Earth over time forms a beautiful rose.



The’ Queen Elizabeth’ Rose  looks pretty similar!



Venus is the goddess of abundance and celebration, friendship and love so it also seems highly significant that our own Queen, born on April 21st in the sign of Taurus and ruled by Venus, who is loved across the Commonwealth and the World as a representative of all that is harmonious and equitable, is centre of events at the time a connection to the Divine Feminine in all of us – to our own creativity, wisdom, beauty and abundant resources.

 It seems we’re being given an opportunity to rediscover all that connects us to our true happiness, small or big. Fulfilment doesn’t always come with achievement, wealth or success (though these are always welcome too!), but just as often with simple pleasure, the ability to connect to our heart with purpose and meaning.  

In this great sealing of new energy consciousness we have opportunities to dissolve old ways and relate from the soul, because when Venus transits across the Sun at sunrise on June 6th, she symbolises Love reconnecting with our spiritual Heart.

Wishing you a wonderful celebration holiday!









2 thoughts on “Transit of Venus the Love Planet

  1. R

    Hi Vicky I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such wonderful news. What a special time this is for all of us, especially us women. A time to embrace our inner Goddess.

    love Rita xxx

    1. vickycoombes

      Hi Rita, Thanks for your fab comment – have been thinking of you and wondering how yoga’s going as well as more personal stuff. Hope you’re well and yes the Venus Transit is an amazing energy for anyone doing heart-centred work as it helps that luuurve energy to come in with a louder voice! 🙂

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