New Moon and Solar Eclipse


At 3.15pm on Sunday May 20th there is a New Moon in Gemini and also a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses have always been portents of gloom and doom but there is no need to see them as such.

The Moon eclipsing the Sun would simply indicate that our feelings, insights and intuition (symbolised by the Moon) take centre stage over our more logical and rational side (the Sun).

Not that we have to give ourselves licence for letting emotions run amok, but rather that we can see our true feelings more clearly, give them some breathing space and allow them to provide a platform for guiding intelligent, smart progress. It’s a time to be honest at least with yourself about your true feelings.

The New Moon occurs in a different zodiac sign each month and in nature is the best, most fruitful time for planting new seeds. Being the fruit of nature ourselves, this corresponds to the best time for making new affirmations (wishing on the New Moon).

New creative thoughts have a much better chance of seeding positively when the Moon is new, as we have the opportunity to work with rather than against nature: we can harness natural energy to help us in our progress.

Each sign has its own themes and using them also increases the power behind your wish. You can affirm for anything you want but using the themes associated with the season helps the cause.

In Gemini it’s especially powerful to affirm for improvements and help regarding sibling relationships, short journeys, (mini-breaks!), new courses of study, training, teaching and learning, clarity in decision-making, communications of all kinds including phones, computers, information and personal communications within relationships.

The Solar Eclipse may bring up feelings about any number of these issues and now is the time to tackle them.

Here are some rules for affirming on the New Moon: you’ll be surprised at how well and quickly they work and hopefully this will spur you on to trying it again nest month!

  • Handwrite your wishes with paper and pen (there is something about doing it this way rather than on   a computer that engages the intuitive rather than the rational part of the brain).
  • Write them down up to 8hours from the time of the New Moon. If this is not possible, up to 48 hours afterwards is still quite effective.
  • You can write up to 10 affirmations or wishes, but 8 is optimum.
  • For the best effect, ‘layer’ your affirmations so that they have a similar theme and kind of build on one another. However, you can also have a few totally different themes as long as you’re clear about them for the sake of your subconscious.
  • Use words that make you feel what you’re asking for can be achieved easily (even if your rational mind doesn’t yet believe that). For example:
  • ‘I easily find myself having a great productive and loving conversation with my brother’, or ‘ It’s now easy for me to apply for the course I want to do’, or ‘ Everything’s falling into place for me to enjoy a fabulous min-break next weekend’, or ‘I now find it easy to have the conversation I need to have with …….’, or ‘ There is now no resistance to winning the training work I tendered for’.
  • When you’ve written down your wishes and having read them through, you get a really nice, good, positive feeling about them, read them OUTLOUD to yourself (there’s something about saying something aloud that gives it a vibrational reality: the spoken word is the second (after writing)and possibly most powerful way to start making something manifest into reality.
  • That’s why it’s important to try and be aware of the words you choose to say as you create your reality with your spoken (vibrated) thought.

Enjoy wishing on the New Moon, it’s proper astrology and practical magic!

Further reading and info can be gleaned from ‘New Moon Astrology’ by Jan Spiller.

One thought on “New Moon and Solar Eclipse

  1. Judy Hardman

    I have my quill and parchment ready and raring to go… I’m now going to enjoy an indulgent afternoon bath to ponder my naval and think about what I want to affirm! thanks for the marvellous post 🙂 x x

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