How to Feel Bet…

How to Feel Better with Affirmations.

We affirm beliefs (thoughts repeated enough times to seem real) to ourselves all the time, but they’re not always ones that help us to feel happy. You can consciously design and create the thoughts you want to have that will make you feel happier, safe, loved and supported.

There are lots of different opinions on whether or not affirmations work.  In my opinion they really do, and I use them a lot to create confidence or a feeling of security when I feel a bit unsure. Last year when I had a bout of illness and was sometimes anxious, I used affirmations to tell myself what I needed to hear to feel safe and trust in my doctors.

The champion of affirmations for me is Louise Hay who pioneered using them to create perfect health for herself (and thousands of other people since), but there are lots of other teachers, books and info on the subject on the market if you want to explore further.

This is just to give you a quick overview of what affirmations can and can’t do, how they work, how to construct them and how to tailor make them for whatever you want to feel better about.

What an affirmation is not!

*Affirmations are NOT the same thing as positive thinking! ‘Positive thinking’ in the sense of forcing ourselves to look on the bright side and stating words that we don’t actually believe at the time won’t work. In fact all they do is to set up resistance from the subconscious mind and end up making us feel worse than before we started.

*An affirmation is NOT just about creating words and sentences without much feeling – a mental construct.

What affirmations are (and what they can do).

*Affirmations are tailor-made statements that help us find relief from or improvement in any situation we find ourselves in.

*Affirmations that work are worded in such a way that we engage with good feelings – aiming for at least a little bit better than where we are now.

*They are a way of helping us ‘step up’ our emotional state from wherever we are now to better, better and even better!

*They help us raise our ‘emotional tone’ magnetising better relationships, circumstances and the ability to manifest your desires more consciously.

A great way to get started on making affirmations that work is to read one of the Abraham-Hicks series of books which give a step by step account of how to feel better by creating better feeling-thought).

But even if you haven’t got time or inclination to design your own affirmations, there are quite a few that are universal and can help you feel better in most situations. The idea is to say what makes you feel better in your body (calmer, peaceful, safe, nurtured, relaxed) when said out-loud to yourself. (Giving voice to your affirmation is much more powerful than just thinking it as you give it more substance and reality this way – we all know that when we admit something to someone it’s the moment it makes it ‘real’ and affirmations are no different.)

If it helps to think of someone else saying it to you (a friend, your Mum, Sir Alex Ferguson or Donald Duck J), then go ahead and imagine their voice saying it to you.

A few affirmations that seem to work for everyone in any situation that makes us feel anxious or unsafe are :

I am safe (You are safe)

I am loved (You are loved)

All is well

Every day in every way, things are getting better and better.

Experiment a bit to find which of these makes your body feel better instantly when you say it!

 Look out for Part Two: How Affirmations Work


2 thoughts on “How to Feel Bet…

  1. judy hardman

    Thanks for the clarity on difference between positive thinking and affirmations….as one of life’s Eeyores being told to “think positively” only exaggerates my frown 🙂 Affirmations are however entirely achievable in the privacy of ones own boudoir without feeling you have to be a smile on a stick for the general public! x x x

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