How We Get Programmed with Negative Stuff

If something makes you react with a negative emotion, your subconscious, or inner child, has basically come up against something you are doing that is inconsistent with the previous ‘rules’ its has worked with.

The subconscious, is an unimaginably powerful computer, carrying out orders (consistent thoughts) given by its master (your conscious mind).

Some teachers have likened the subconscious to a child, as it wants to please and gain the approval of its parent (our opinion of ourself or self image).

Others have called it a genie: our wish is its command, so we have to be careful what we wish for!

Finally, it is often compared to the engine room of a great ship: it is the energy and power that carries us forward and yet it has no sense of direction of its own. (Hence the saying: If you’re going nowhere, that’s where you’ll end up).

Without setting our direction by creating intentions or goals for ourselves, we drift aimlessly and may even inadvertently be heading for rocky waters.

So it’s as well to know a bit more about how the subconscious receives the information it acts on, and how, out of all the different sources of information availabe to us, it decides what can be filtered out as irrelevant and what is important.

Basically, the subconscious is ‘imprinted’ by three factors: an authoritative source, intensity and repetition.

What we hear or see from someone we accept as our authority, such as a father who we might experience as omnipotent, is given far more weight than if we heard the same thing from from a less powerful (in our child eyes)source.

If what is said is also intensified though being shouted at in an emotional way, or is being said in front of other people adding a good dose of humiliation (!), it  is given even more importance.

If what is said is repeated enough times, it’s yet more strongly imprinted into the subconscious mind.

Years after this ‘programming’ has stopped happening, it may still be influencing all kinds of behaviour because the subconscious has no sense of past, present or future and still acts on this information as if it is still ‘true’ now.

So where we may have set conscious goals in our lives and yet seem to sabotage ourselves or to come up against anxiety, procrastination, stuck-ness or any other negative emotional state that stops us progressing, we can be sure that the subconscious is just trying to do its job and is acting on old orders.

Changing the programming can sometimes be straightforward and easy and sometimes requires more of a three pronged attack, but it can be changed.

Being able to move forward and develop is what we do naturally as humans and anything that chronically stops that from happening, creating negativity and stagnation ultimately goes against life itself.

The subconscious creates a pattern of self-image from these intense and repeated emotional imprints, that become ‘set’ as reality unless we challenge them.

Its work is to stick to this pattern for us, not allowing anything inconsistent with it to stay in the system. 

Working on the self-image is thus how real changes can begin to happen.

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